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Gulf War Syndrome and the Anthrax Vaccine


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This eye opening documentary is about the Gulf War Syndrome and the military being used as Guinea Pigs with the Anthrax Vaccine.


May 1998, Secretary of Defense William Cohen signs the Total Force Anthrax Immunization Program AVIP, for all active and reserve armed forces members.

December 1998, President Clinton is impeached. He declares the four day air strike on Iraq, Operation Desert Fox a success.

August 1999, Congressional hearings on the problems with the anthrax vaccine are underway.

September 1999, President Clinton signs EO 13139 to force vaccination without informed consent. Only the President or the Secretary of Defense can repeal it.

January 2001, Clinton's Presidency ends.

Within three months The Cohen Group, a consulting and lobbyist firm with three other former Pentagon officials opens. They will help market the anthrax vaccine internationally.

Over 1,000,000 military personnel have adverse side effects due to the anthrax vaccine
RAC-GWVI Government report 2008

Over 35 thousand soldiers have died due to adverse effects from the anthrax vaccine
RAC-GWVI Government report 2008




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10 hours ago, montgomery said:

September 23, 2020. It has been proven by the anti-vaxxers and Icky David that 35 thousand soldiers are killed by the Anthrax vaccine. 

Stay tuned to Thoth's words of wisdom where he will prove it's fake news. LOL

The documentary is from 2017 which I am sure you didn't watch and David Icke was not involved with the making of this documentary. The film was directed by Scott W Miller and written by Melissa Mosich Miller and Bob Lee. So again you are wrong. As always you pass your judgement without doing any kind of research yourself.

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