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On 11/25/2020 at 6:45 AM, OceanBreeze said:

Did they die from Covid-19 or did they die with Covid-19? Just asking

My Brother died in just an oxygen mask after we asked to tele-visit his room. I assume if doctors diagnosed Covid he would have been ventilated. It was more likely his long term  heart failure issues, actually. His son said  they had hoped to just get a supply of oxygen for home use but the EMT insisted he could not comply. He could only follow regulations and take him to hospital. My niece was diagnosed a victim of Covid 19 and passed (approx) three weeks after her father. I don't know  if technically "Covid 19" is used in formal medical forms. There was a great fear of hospitalization: fear of catching the virus in the hospital. Father and daughter did not cohabitate.( I  have left a personal message for Thoth101 explaining and apologizing for a misleading post)



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I am sorry for your loss and I appreciate your straight forward answer to my question. Would you mind telling us if your niece had another pre-existing condition such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc? It is understandable if you do not wish to answer and I apologize if you find the question offensive.

The reason I asked is because I am convinced this pandemic, while real, is being way overblown by the liberal media and the Left, for political advantage and an outright power grab. When political influence creates uncertainty over how deaths are being counted and attributed to Covid-19 it is difficult to get a real handle on just how serious this pandemic is – or isn’t.

While “a quarter of a million deaths from Covid” makes for horrifying headlines, it helps to put this pandemic into perspective when you consider that over 40% of those deaths occurred in nursing homes, and many of the others had serious pre-existing conditions. How many people who go into nursing homes ever come out alive with or without a pandemic?

There have been many inconsistencies in assigning causes of death, some understandably so, because of  Covid’s interactions with many other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, obesity and others.

I wrote a post earlier in which I said that the best indicator of the seriousness of this disease would be the number of excess deaths in 2020, that is the total number of lives lost in excess of historically expected levels.

When this forum switched to the new software, that post was lost in the shuffle, so I will try to recreate it here and with updated data:

The biggest question concerning this pandemic is: just how many excess deaths will we see in 2020 resulting from it?

It turns out it is very difficult to find out how many people die in the US each year from all causes, as I soon found out while trying to research that question.

I did finally get reliable data from both the CDC and the UN Demographics Report for the years 2014 and 2015, apparently the most recent years for which reliable data is available:

2014 CDC Data: 2,626,418

2015 CDC Data: 2,712,630

That is an increase of 86,212 deaths in one year.

If the US population were to increase in a linear fashion, we should expect deaths to increase the same way, meaning in the next five years, to include 2020, the increase would be 431,060 for a total of 3,143,690 deaths from all cause in the US in 2020.

Now, take the number of 1,841,678 deaths from all causes during the time period of Feb. 1, 2020, and Aug. 29, 2020 (number from the CDC) and extrapolate the deaths for the whole year. It works out to 263,096/month or 3,157,162 for the year. That is an excess of only 13,472 deaths.

How is it the corona virus is now claiming over 250,000 deaths?

But even that estimate of 13,472 is too high when you consider that population growth is not a linear function but instead exponential. The proper way to estimate growth is to solve for the exponent of e in the relationship where 2,712,630 = 2,626,418 e^x, where    x = ln 2,712,630/2,626,418 = 0.0323

So, the correct estimate of the number of deaths from all causes in 2020 versus 2015 is 2,712,630 e^5x, that is 2,712,630 e^0.1615 = 3,188,042 which means that not only will there be no excess deaths in 2020, there will actually be about 30,000 less deaths than projected based on population growth and historical estimates.

That is what the math says using the CDC’s own data and nothing but standard growth calculations with no bias or political influence changing the scale.

I apologize if this mathematical analysis offends anyone who has lost someone during this pandemic, as even one loss of life is distressing. However, if we are to be bombarded with headlines about “250,000 dead Americans” because “Donald Trump” and more drum beating, it is time the true story is told and I am not afraid to tell it. If anyone can find data or math to counter my argument I would like to see it.




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      I see actual images of hospitals trying to cope with the flood of patients all around the USA. Paraphrasing myself, 1/4 million deceased, I will retract the number since that's what the discussion is based on.. .Death tolls may not be the best support for an argument. I do know how and why citizens of this country are bumping heads and mistrusting one another while politicians interfere with progress on solving troubling problems. If I post my accusations it would only be considered as political prejudice and not support a rebuttal to Ocean's position. I don't necessarily agree with the accuracy of the analysis not because I question Ocean but the old adage, "Garbage in=Garbage out", referencing a concern for the accuracy of supplied data. I will admit I have not known Ocean long but I would not ever discount his argument, easily.

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On 9/22/2020 at 2:23 AM, Thoth101 said:

Well yea, It is good if you want to become half robot and your every thought and move are constantly monitored. Many people don't want to live in a transhumanist world. But I thank you for your opinion and we will agree to disagree. Some entities need to experience a total disconnection to the source and total connection to an inorganic source or manmade source. I don't think that ever ends well though. It may be fun at first but when your total organic form of human is gone that will be quite a loss and total domination of AI.



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1 hour ago, STRONGEAGLE said:




1 hour ago, STRONGEAGLE said:



1 hour ago, STRONGEAGLE said:

Dr. Madej...It's more like zombies than robots but they both compliment each other.

I live in commie california where the mandatory vaccines are being injected and I'm witnessing individuals roaming around aimlessly.


57 minutes ago, STRONGEAGLE said:

img Vaccine Lies.jpg


55 minutes ago, STRONGEAGLE said:


Now a anti-vaxxer crank, no one wants to hear your bullshit.

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I’m not sure if STRONGEAGLE is an all-out anti-vaxxer or if he only has concerns about Moderna. I am not an anti-vaxxer either, having served in or with the military for over 20 years, I have been vaccinated many times, even against diseases which technically no longer exist. However, I have concerns about the Covid vaccines, particularly Pfizer, simply because they were brought into use so quickly as experimental, without FDA approval. I have never experienced side effects from any of the many vaccines I have been injected with, until I received my first dose of Pfizer. I was fatigued for nearly a month and had swelling of my feet and lower legs due to fluid retention. There have been some deaths linked directly to the Pfizer vaccine. I have insisted that my second shot be Moderna, as I have not heard of so many side effects from that vaccine.

As for the SM-102 story, apparently, SM-102 is only dangerous when used together with Chloroform. Chloroform is not an ingredient in Moderna vaccine.

What is SM-102 and does the Moderna vaccine use it?

The Moderna vaccine’s active ingredient is a piece of genetic material called mRNA which is essentially the instruction to make the spike proteins found on the surface of the virus that causes Covid-19. Once these are made, this then triggers an immune response to those proteins, which protects the body against the real virus.

SM-102 is a lipid molecule used to form the nanoparticle which carries the mRNA in the Moderna vaccine to cells in the body. The Pfizer vaccine uses different lipid molecules for this purpose.

Although SM-102 is used in the Moderna vaccine, the vaccine does not contain chloroform and it is not listed in the vaccine’s ingredients.

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine was given regulatory approval for use in the UK in January 2021. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said “all COVID-19 vaccines are continually monitored by the MHRA. This ensures that the benefits in protecting people against COVID-19 continue to far outweigh any potential side-effects.”

The MHRA told Full Fact “The manufacture for the SM-102 is controlled and agreed specifications have to be met before it can be used in the lipid nanoparticles for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.” 

The MHRA also added: “We are not aware of any reason for specific concerns with the safety of SM-102.

Chloroform is not used in the manufacture of SM-102 for this vaccine.”

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Dr.Madej, I have shown your video to many different people which has caused them to rethink there position on so called vaccines, where as others, it provides further confirmation, their decision not to vax was the right one. 

Thank you for all you do and know this, Isaiah 54:17 has been activated for many seasons in your life and this season, will be a continuation of God's hand on you.

Tony W.

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