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Get Real With Mike Murphy

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I just found his show and recently started watching him. I really thing he does an outstanding job on covering important topics with a lot of common sense. So, take the time and give him a watch. He also post the links of the news stories he goes over. This is a great start for someone wanting to stop watching the mainstream news. He is the real deal with no spin or lies. You will learn a lot from him especially if this is all new to you. He is on YouTube also but as with everyone else he is getting censored there.




This one was a great coverage of Covid.


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Hi Thoth, and welcome back!

Mike Murphy is a crack pot of about the same caliber as your icky David Icke. That was obvious at about the 3:30 mark of the video when he started on about Corona virus coming down out of contrails!



Welcome back? I didn't go anywhere. You think anybody is a crackpot who does any real investigation. You totally spun that one, Do you ever tell the truth? Mike Murphy's exact words were as follows:


"We are going to have an interview with Dane Whittington with Geoengineering Watch.org. and he is really about Chemtrails and what they spray out of airplanes all over us all day long. And how it all ties in to Covid19, BLM and Antifa. And he is a very smart guy and has been doing this for a long time".




So either you can't hear correctly or you just hear what you want to hear and believe exactly what your mainstream media tells you, who are paid propagandist. But you made a great point there. Maybe it is possible they are spraying the world with Covid19 through the Geoengineering. Now that you mention that, I see that as a real possibility. So good thinking on your part even though you thought you were trying to demolish the character of a real truth seeker. You really should watch more of Mike Murphy and maybe you will actually learn something and turn your CNN off.

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