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Elon Musk's Neuralink Chip Will Allow Users To Stream Music Directly Into Their Brains

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Neuralink is building off the same tech that let an ape use a robot arm.

I doubt it will be human ready for more than moving a mouse cursor inside 5 years. I remember Elon talking about it on one podcast or another, how the current work is being put toward repairing specific types of brain damage.

I'm personally wondering if they'll have to branch out into the whole nervous system, following work like the guys who did Smart Hand.

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That's cool. I've always been interested in that realm. I've followed dean Kamen and DEKA for awhile online through my twenties, and he is a guy who knows a lot about brain machine interfacing. Neuralink is insane. I love Elon Musk. but lol I can only imagine his GF using her new Neuralink in her music video. And then, they blast off into deep space? This guy is crazy yo. I am still debating whether or not people should be taking all these tech media heads seriously. I mean, he is good at basic physics, but the complexity is insane if he is really trying to get us to Mars, additionally with Grimes in the cockpit like an artificial pineal gland. Should I put on my blinking shoes, grab my beanie, hot cheetos, and bugout bag and head out?

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