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Gravitational Constant, Planck's Constant, The Number Fi -- A Secret Relationship.

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   Gravitational constant, Planck's constant, the number Fi -- a secret RELATIONSHIP.

Gravitational constant = 6.673
Planck constant (quantum of action) = 6.626
6.673 * 6.626 = 44.215


Fi Number = 1.618
The moon's rotation period in days = 27.32
27.32 * 1.618 = 44.203


6.673 * 6.626 = 27.32 * 1.618
Is this a "coincidence"?!


6.673 * 6.626 : 27.32 = 1.618 Received Fi number.
6.673 * 6.626 : 1.618 = 27.32 the moon's rotation period in days is Obtained.
27.32 * 1.618 : 6.673 = 6.626 the Planck constant is Obtained.
27.32 * 1.618 : 6.626 = 6.673 the gravitational constant is Obtained.


These are the unexpected results of simple mathematical manipulations with these IMPORTANT physical constants.


WHO CALCULATED and CONSTRUCTED this whole stupid world ???


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Fi Number = 1.6180339887...
Square root of the number Fi = 1.27201964949...
√1.618 = 1.27201964949...
PI Number = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795...
Half of PI = 1.5707963267948966192313216916398
3,1415926535897932384626433832795 : 2 = 1,5707963267948966192313216916398
1,5707963267948966192313216916398 * 1,27201964949... = 1,9980837930298238927154118114291 = 2
Almost EXACTLY TWO !!!
"Accidentally", right?!
Thus, the number 2 is RELATED to the number PI and the number Fi.
The number 2 is the BASIS of the binary number system ! Binary number system — positional number system with base 2. The binary system is used in almost all modern computers and other computing electronic devices.
The number 2 is also an integral part of many physical formulas !
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                       ELECTRONS AND THE MAGNETIC FIELD.
 Art Topic: Spin 
People of all ages find the behavior of rapidly rotating objects, such as tops and gyroscopes, fascinating.  They can seem to defy gravity.   As their spin increases, they get harder to re-orient, and they show strange “sideways” responses to being pushed.  These effects are entertaining to children, helpful to bicyclists, and useful to engineers.   Gyros help to keep airplanes and spacecraft on course. 
The Earth’s spin gives us night and day, and those cycles drive wind and weather.  
In the quantum world, spin is a basic property of elementary particles.   Electrons never cease spinning.  This makes electrons into tiny magnets, like the earth.    We can store information in the direction of electron spins, with two opposite directions encoding “1” and “0”.   Classical computers do this crudely, using many electrons that are roughly aligned.  Eventually, we hope, computers will use individual electron spins.  If we can learn to manipulate electron spins skillfully, we will gain new powers to process information much faster, while producing less heat.
Author: FRANK WILCZEK Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2004 Director of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute

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I'm certainly interested in this first post as I was looking into similar relationships for large structure. One explanation is that the Planck constant quantizes to the laegw scale motions, I need to chwck your data first but if right, I find it interesting at the very least.

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Electrons MOVING through a conductor create an electric current and a magnetic field.
Thus, the electrons MOVING in orbits around the nucleus of an atom must also create a very weak electric current and magnetic field !!!
Moreover, the electrons ROTATE around their axis (the so-called SPIN) - and this MOVEMENT also creates an ultra-weak magnetic field around EACH electron ! This is why every electron is an extremely weak MAGNET !
For EXTERNAL forced CONTROL of the movement of electrons, their electric charge is used.
This is an ELECTRICAL circuit.
But some Frank wilchek has now come up with an idea : you can use the SPIN of electrons to control the movement of electrons through the most complex circuits.
Maybe you can ...
This already turns out to be a MAGNETIC circuit.


Therefore, I offer you only those of my ideas and discoveries that have to do with the magnetic field and electrons.
Perhaps these ideas and discoveries of MINE WILL help solve the problem of technical use of electron SPIN.

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Planck's constant appears in all equations and formulas of quantum mechanics.
Planck's constant defines the boundary between the macrocosm, where the laws of Newton's mechanics apply, and the microcosm, where the laws of quantum mechanics apply.
But scientists are not satisfied with one Planck constant ...
Therefore, a second reduced Planck constant was calculated for rotating elementary particles !


6.626 : 2 pi  = 6.626 : 6.28 = 1.054
This Planck constant of 1.054 is used in many formulas of quantum physics.
In particular the Planck constant DETERMINES the SPIN of the electron !!!
Any particle can have two types of angular momentum: orbital angular momentum and spin. Each unpaired electron has a spin equal to 1/2. Each unpaired proton has a spin equal to 1/2. Each unpaired neutron has a spin equal to 1/2.
Spin has TWO projections on the direction of the magnetic field, measured in units of Planck's constant (reduced Planck constant, or Dirac constant) and is equal to the reduced Planck constant multiplied by the spin quantum number :


Modern science can not explain why particles with a spin equal to 1/2 change their properties (the direction of the vector of the moment of the amount of movement) to the opposite when making one revolution around its axis, that is, turning at an angle of 360 degrees. When the particle makes two turns, that is, when it turns at an angle of 720 degrees, the particle returns to its original state.


But you can use NUMBERS !
S = +-0,5 * 1,054 = +-0,5 * 6,626 : 6,28


I used my above equality here
6.673 * 6.626 = 27.32 * 1.618
27.32 * 1.618 : 6.673 = 6.626 Planck Constant
Thus, the most important physical constants of our world are reduced by me to one formula. These constants are OUTPUT one from the other. This proves their RELATIONSHIP and interdependence.

NOW the formula


you can write NUMBERS like this :
S = +-0,5 * 27,32 * 1,618 : 6,673 : 6,28

Where :
S         spin
+-0.5   spin quantum number
27,32   rotational period of the moon in the day
1.618   number of Fi
6.673   gravitational constant
6.28     2 pi


So quantum mechanics of the microcosm -- GOES to the physics of the MACROCOSM of Newton and Einstein !!!


0.5 * 27.32 = 13.66
Ionization energy = 13.53 electron volts
Close enough, maybe just a coincidence ...


But this is more INTERESTING :
S = 0,5 * 27,32 * 1,618 : 6,673 : 6,28 = 0,52741010689526478507837936126285


Thus, the spin NUMBER is almost THE same AS the number of the borovian radius !!!

The radius of the first orbit in a hydrogen atom is called the first Bohr radius and serves as a unit of length in atomic physics. This is 0.528 Angstrom. This smallest radius of the electron orbits is obtained by MULTIPLYING it by the Planck constant 1.054
It's funny, but the same number can be obtained by simply DIVIDING the same Planck constant by 2


1,054 : 2 = 0.527

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My spin definition formula :
S = +-0,5 * 1,054 = +-0,5 * 6,626 : 6,28
Or :
S = 0,5 * 27,32 * 1,618 : 6,673 : 6,28 = 0,527


Planck used a similar formula to determine the quantum of the" initial " scale factor of the Universe :
(G·h/2·pi·c³)·0,5 = [6,67338·10 -⁸ ·6,6260687·10-²⁷/2·3,1415926·(2,997925·10¹⁰)³] * 0.5 = 1.616·10 -³³ cm.


You just need to REARRANGE the multiplier numbers in this Planck formula :
0.5 * (2.997925·10¹⁰)³ * 3,1415926 * 6,67338*10-⁸ * 6,6260687*10-²⁷ : 2 = 1,616·10-³³ cm


(2,997925)³ = 27


This is VERY good physics !!! And math.

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