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first ,you are free on what to do!


I give high potentiality that it was too complicated. in fact, I shall generally prefer to use such a complicated wordings. sometimes may arise to cryptography. 

lets see some of the things I was thinking. these are generally not accepted as "normal" things by a specific community. but others may either accept it or reject. 

I considered some creatures, that are commonly mentioned, but not limited  to traditionals (e.g. jinns (these are also classified section to section) ,shaitans, some specific and undefined forms.) ,including insects and other forms



I again need to express a point, as the scientifically all the content has not been detected/accepted/explored/discovered , anyone is free to believe or not to believe.

I looked up the meaning of the word, 'jinns', and so you've answered my question. 

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I looked up the meaning of the word, 'jinns', and so you've answered my question. 


that is not consistence and the idea cannot be limited to only this form.


someone , may lose their way at somewhere.

something might be changed.


anyway,I won't neglect the current scientific procedures.

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