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A Challenge For The Brave And The Wise

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I might have a challenge for you, if you respond to what I'm looking for. I'm scouting around the internet to find the brightest professors, PhD level students and overall esperts of physics to form a group. This group will be formed with the aim of, brace yourself, solve the millinium problem connected to the yang mills theory and mass gap. Please, if you are interested contact me, and we will have a little chat to see if you are what this group is looking for. I'm not sure we are going to make it, but I can promise that I'm going to give everything I have to see this project succeed.

See ya around ;)


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Just to be clear, are you talking about this? https://www.claymath.org/millennium-problems/yang%E2%80%93mills-and-mass-gap


Quantum Yang-Mills theory is now the foundation of most of elementary particle theory, and its predictions have been tested at many experimental laboratories, but its mathematical foundation is still unclear. The successful use of Yang-Mills theory to describe the strong interactions of elementary particles depends on a subtle quantum mechanical property called the "mass gap": the quantum particles have positive masses, even though the classical waves travel at the speed of light. This property has been discovered by physicists from experiment and confirmed by computer simulations, but it still has not been understood from a theoretical point of view.

If it is, I seem to recall a few resons that photons decide to behave as massive inside superconducting structures. A couple of physicists I've seen on the Origins podcasts have gone on a digression to talk about how very similar mechanisms probably describe higgs interactions; space itself described as a space-time"crystal lattice"(bad kluge of words but layman descriptive) that gives typical matter it's massive interaction. 

It's quite possible that the "mass gap" is from their own interactions, a sort of quantum Meissner effect where direct interaction above a certain level results in "masssive" action while "rest" state cant cross that boundry absent external interation.

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You are never going to get that qualifications to solve that problem, basically there will always be people that say your framework is wrong in the mathematical community qualification 3 is impossible. It is like getting a bunch of angry retards to accept that their theory is wrong and your theory is correct, they will always come up with different reasons that their theory is correct and yours is wrong. It's like even to this day 100 years later, Einstein's Theories are constantly challenged by people that assume that is wrong and their theories are correct even with direct evidence that Einstein is correct. Mathematicians are like children they always assume their way is the correct way such a theory will Never become mainstream, not in this day and age.


Conclusion: You are wasting your own time and the people that join you.


  1. "CMI does not accept direct submission of proposed solutions.
  2. The document is a complete statement of the rules and procedures: CMI will not offer any futher guidance or advice.
  3. Before CMI will consider a proposed solution, all three of the following conditions must be satisfied: (i) the proposed solution must be published in a Qualifying Outlet (see §6), and (ii) at least two years must have passed since publication, and (iii) the proposed solution must have received general acceptance in the global mathematics community"



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