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All Energy Hypothesis


Simon Zhou



Before reading this hypothesis, please forget all knowledge about relativity temporarily and give up all the prejudices. Because I am trying to explain the universe in a Newtonic way.



  • Energy

There are many forms of energy: particles (protons, electrons, etc.), rays (photons, alpha rays,etc.), fields (electric fields, magnetic fields, etc.), and many other forms that we don't know and have not understood yet, such as: Space-Energy, Dark-energy, etc. There are some Energy-Fundamental-Value differences between these energies, so that theSMR characteristics are so different.


  • Energy-Fundamental-Value

In the universe, all matter is energy, different energies. There is an array of energy-fundamental-value to determine what kind of energy it is. The hadron collider doesn’t crack the particle shell, but crush out different EFV energies. Different EFV energies can spatially overlap.


  • Repulsion of Energies

Some particles react like pin balls, especially between the same kind of energy, they move repulsively. We know the substance by touching and feeling them. The repulsions of atoms keep our fingers away from the substance. 


  • Attraction between energies

The bonds keep molecules connected as a piece. 

Different molecular structures perform substances as solids, liquids and gases. 

Molecules are composed of different particles (neutrons, protons, electrons, etc.), and these particles are just some forms of energy.


  • Space-Energy 

There is a form of energy maintaining the space, I would like to call it Space-Energy. This Space-Energy sustains the Three-dimensional space we are in right now.

The space contains particles, radiation and anything else we know in the universe. Space-Energy overlaps with other energies. 

Space-Energy moves from high density to a low density.

  •  Gravity

Proton-Electron structures use some Space-Energy, and the Space-Energy will disappear and the space it maintains will be extinguished. The space around the atom is constantly annihilated, and is immediately replenished by the nearby space. The movement of space drives the matters carried in the space to move. Because the quantity of particles of the earth is so large, the space is annihilated very quickly, and the outer space is also replenished so quickly that we feel that we are pulled to the center of the earth by gravity. In essence, the space under our feet is decreasing, and we are carried down by the space above our heads.

The movement of space is so fast, when the light passes near the mass, it is twisted and turned. It is because the space near the mass is moving to the mass, while the photons are passing through the space, they are carried by the moving space to the mass, and the direction of the photons are changed. This phenomenon of light refraction occurs not only in the vicinity of large masses (such as the Star), but actually occurs in the vicinity of all particles. Because the annihilation of space is so tiny, so we can not make such precise observations yet. 

Gravity is essentially acceleration, and force is just the expression of acceleration.

From this hypothesis, there come 2 inferences:

  1. The star with higher temperature causes more gravity than the lower one.

Because with the higher temperature, the electrons reach the RFF much more easily than the cooler ones.

  1. Active element star causes more gravity than the inert element star.

Active elements are unstable, the electrons reach the RFF more frequently than inert ones. Inert elements are so stable that it is so hard to break the balance of the RFF and CFF.


  • Calculation of gravitational acceleration

Because gravity is generated by the annihilation of space, so when the quantity of atoms is constant, the annihilation of space is constant, and the amount of space flowing to the substance is stable as well.

The annihilation of space is proportional to the mass. Presume there is a Mass-Space-Rate (MSR) in units of (m3/gs), stand for the space is annihilated by 1 gram per 1 second. Then the total amount of spatial movement produced by a certain mass is:

M MSR (m3/s)

The total amount of moving-space through the SPHERICAL-SURFACEs is equivalent, which revolve the substance as the center. As the area of ​​the SPHERICAL-SURFACE is larger, the intensity of the moving-space is smaller. If the distance from a point to center of sphere is “r”, then the  moving-space intensity at the point is:

M ×MSRS=M ×MSR4r2 (m/s)  

Energies move differently to the same space moving, some move the same speed with space, some totally don’t move disregard space moving. Presume a Space-Moving-Rate is SMR (/s), the SMR will be between 0 to 1, the acceleration generated by the spatial flow is:

A=M ×MSR4r2× SMR (m/s2)

For the purpose to calculate the acceleration between substance 1 and substance 2, we should add the accelerations of both:

A12=A1+A2=M1MSR4r2× SMR +M2MSR4r2× SMR

=(M1+M2)×MSR4r2×SMR=(M1+M2)r2 × [MSR × SMR4] (m/s2)

M1,M2andr2 mentioned here are variables, the others are constants.

Assuming the M1 is the earth,M2 is the observation object on Earth,M2 could be calculated negligibly. The acceleration calculated by the method of spatial motion is:

A12=(M1+M2)r2× [MSR × SMR4] =M1r2× [MSR × SMR4]

As we can see, A is proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.


  • Conversion of energies

Dark matter for now is known as celestial bodies that are not luminescent in the universe and certain non-baryon neutral particles. These substances are not observed optically, so they are called dark matter. 

Energy can be transformed or generated. For example, the burning of matter can produce light, and magnetism can generate electricity. Probably dark matter is a kind of energy which can produce Space-Energy, that means dark matter produces space. Because there is only space, which doesn’t send out particles and rays, so we can only observe the darkness but not rays.


There is a lot of dark energy in our Milky Way Galaxy. The dark energy generates a lot of Space-Energy, and the particle annihilates a large amount of Space-Energy. The dark-energy and particles are swirled around, then bring about the shape of our Milky Way Galaxy, but not the chaotic form like miso soup. The white part is the aggregation of particles(like stars), and the black part is the dark-energy region that produces Space-Energy. 

The dark-energy may exist around us, just because the Space-Energy created is so tiny that we can't detect it.


  • The expansion of the universe

For now, the expansion of the universe is generally believed like: there was a lot of mass at the odd-point, and then ONE big explosion from the odd-point. The material we know is formed from the impact and inertia of the big bang.

Here is a different hypothesis: Beyond the time, at the odd-point, there was nothing, no mass, even no energy, there was only Void. Due to some miracle, the odd-point started producing energies from the Void, including Space-Energy, protons, electrons, photons, dark-energy, and so on. The energies spread outward at their respective speeds, and the speed of space movement may be the fastest, because there is nothing in the Void that prevents the movement of space.

The particles in the space are constantly carried by the space to move outward.

The miracle effect of odd-point has not ended like a bomb as ONE hit. It is still going on without stopping. From the beginning of the universe was born, odd-point produced countless Space-Energy and other energys, and they spread to nothingness at a very high speed. The expansion of the universe is spherical. We can imagine that oil is dripped in the water and the oil spreads over the water. The space is not only a drop, but continuous. And the expansion of the universe is not flat, but spherical, like a balloon that keeps swelling. The difference is that the balloon's own pulling force limits the expansion of the gas in the balloon, but the Void out of the universe does not have such pressure, so the speed of the expansion of the universe is unlimited.

If the universe keeps producing space, then our galaxy has been accelerated for 4.6 billion years. So we are moving outward at a high speed, much higher than light. Because we can only observe the rays we can receive. But the ray from odd-point now is unable to catch up with the speed of our movement. Some stars in the direction from the odd-point are close enough, so we can receive the rays from them. But the stars are too far away, the rays from them can not catch up with us, then we can not get any clue of them. We will never be able to observe the stuff on the other side of the universe. We can also receive the rays from the stars moving in the similar direction as us, but the distance is also limited. In the process of expanding the universe, we will be separated farther and farther and faster. There must be a day when they will disappear from our sight. In the direction we are heading, we can receive the most rays. Because we are moving to them, so we always can get what they send to us. As we can image, the universe we can observe for now is probably a badminton shape, or a cone with a spherical end.



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Before reading this hypothesis, please forget all knowledge about relativity temporarily and give up all the prejudices. Because I am trying to explain the universe in a Newtonic way.





Let me stop you there Newtonian physics is wrong thus your entire theory is wrong if you try to describe the universe via Newtonian mechanics. You are not special we get cranks every few days that claim that relativity is wrong and that their theory is correct.



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