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Is Heisenberg's Uncertainty From Variables That Are Random And Not Correlating? Does Decoherence Stabilize The Variables?

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The random variables are quantum waves in the complex vector without being defined for Cauchy-Schwartz inequality. Decoherence is giving the variables real numbers for position and momentum which voids Cauchy-Schwartz (Uncertainty).


QM mathematical objects have random variables when not specifically defined.

The second instance of decoherence in the quantum which-way eraser is the particle getting negative correlation again.


0.000000001325220000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 / Meters per Second = Kilograms of an atomic bonded object that will have defined variables for position and momentum. It will not have uncertainty, it will naturally be viewed as a physical/classical object.

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The zeno effect experiment clearly shows that from a God's eye view entanglement does not experience decoherence as nature would observe all ESPs simultaneously. In manmade devices they are supposedly still incoherent, something that keeps nature-God- always at the advantage over humanity you could say. Even if we could harness vacuum energy and print gold (which we can since 1971) entanglement is simply impossible. 


If a pair is created, the gravitational ripple will always outrace the scattering of a pair and it's opposite, constantly under each others instant influence. Our algorithms however can't distinguish a pair that has existed for a nanosecond than the newer ones forming every moment as the newer the particle the less dispersed and stronger the gravitation pull overshadowing the pairs in your electronic device. A graph would need to be made accounting for all real positions in the vicinity which is as unique as an individual no algorithm can calculate a nigh-infinite amount of variables. 


pi/2r doesn't mean anything it's 0.523 if your radius is 3. lol

PittsburghJoe is a known crank, everything he says is nonsense I wouldn't think to much about it.

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The real number line gets used with decoherence by the transformation associated when the matrix squishes space into a lower dimension. 0 Root


(A - λI)vector v = vector 0

det(A - λI) = 0
The projection doesn’t change the complex mathematical object. It is just how we view it. QM objects are not is duality, Math is.


Uncertainty gets removed because the anticorrelation between position and momentum is gone. The variables became independent. It can't be a Cauchy Schwartz inequality anymore.


All quantum behavior is associated with the complex vector. The object being sent to a lower real number dimension kills the behavior.

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The real number projection cannot describe black holes, quantum waves, dark matter and the missing twin primes. This is the reason for things that are not directly observable.





Uncertainty to Real is Decoherence.

This is why QM can give rise to GR.

What we know as physical is a mathematical projection.

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