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I recently retired, 30 years Senior IT Programmer/Analyst. Dabbler in writing music, gardening, Go, chess, piano and guitar.


I play guitar myself when I get time which isn't much anymore. What type of music do you like to play? I like from Classic Rock to Metallica. For some reason I just love playing Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin songs the most. Metallica is fun also.

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Nice to e-meet you Victor Medvil.

Hello Thoth101. My main instrument is keyboard. Guitar is secondary. I was a music major in college, so I'm interested in all genres and forms.



That is awesome! First thing that comes to mind you knowing how to play the keyboard is making some Doors music. I don't think they used a keyboard exactly but I am sure you could make the same sounds with the keyboard. I have not gone to college for music but I am self taught on the guitar. My favorite scales are A minor and E minor. I always felt simpler is always the best. Nothing like hearing that EM cord on a guitar with heavy distortion. Actually I think most of rock atleast earlier rock was all mostly based or loosely atleast based on A minor.

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