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In The Zombie Apocalypse Aka The Coronavirus Outbreak

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I am still running a charity event for COVID-19, I am trying to donate $50 to the COVID-19 fund by selling Virtual Items: Skiff Blueprint Copies, Link = https://forums.eveonline.com/t/skiff-bpcs-for-good-6-25-discount/229648

Who is the money supposed to help for the charity? If I go to help people I don't do it through charities because most of them don't do what they say they do. I will every now and then give a homeless person a few dollars. Or go cook at a homeless shelter.

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It goes to the World Health Organization (https://www.who.int/)

I sure wouldn't give them any money. :laugh:  They can have all Billy Gates money who gives them the most . Trump did a great thing by stopping the funding from the US to the WHO. Wow I can't believe the WHO is running a charity scam now on top of the others.lol! I am surprised they have not partnered with the Clintons and their scams. :laugh:

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