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Special Relativity states that all things exist relative to one another and so no true fixed points can exist or at the very least be found.


I feel this can be contradicted when looking at space-time singularities. A space-time singularity being a point at which the gravitational pull becomes infinite (or pseudo-infinite), if this is true then wouldn't the fabric of space-time be fixed around that point, any movement of the singularity would then be directly expressed by the fabric of space-time and vice-versa. This would then be a "fixed-point", unfortunately this would only be useful if the fabric of space-time was unchangeable but for the theory of gravity to function this cannot be the case.


This is why I describe these theoretical points as sort of fixed, the fabric of space-time would be directly tied to a collection of matter but gravity still bends space-time. If this theory does make sense, it may lead to some useful revelations about how Universe Expansion works and why the expansion is accelerating.


I freely admit I have no given calculations for this, I feel this is a job for someone far smarter than me.



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The problem with understanding relativity is the distance and time between objects. Each object has it's own space-time in relativity and therefore it's not difficult to draw the conclusion that space-time originates from any existing particle.


A particle might be described as it's own universe origin.


When I perform a thought experiment I find that a particle by itself in space has no velocity or time without a secondary object for a reference. If two objects are out in space alone, then I can judge the velocity or time of one of the objects by referencing the other, add a third and so on and so forth.


But again, a lone object in space-time has no velocity and experiences no time passage. At least that might be true for point particles or singularities?

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