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Woman Shares What Her Experience Was Like Inside Of The Mk Ultra Program


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According to the US Government, MK ULTRA was the code-name for a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct mind-control experiments on human beings from 1953 to 1964. The people used in these experiments did not suspect it, seemed to be chosen at random, and were often left emotionally crippled for the rest of their lives.


The rationale for this type of activity? Well, it’s the typical answer, for ‘national security’ purposes. Basically, the program was designed to make people do things they normally wouldn’t do whilst under mind control, for the purposes of whoever is ‘in charge’ and calling the shots atop the military industrial complex.

Dr. Ewen Cameron, who’s since passed away, was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association and Canadian Psychiatric Association, among others. He was one of many who conducted these experiments on patients. Again, the subjects were never told that they were being used as guinea pigs.


This topic became so serious, and a lot of information and research was being conducted by independent researchers to the point where the United States government could no longer deny that these programs took place. Eventually, they declassified what they had, and the government issued an official apology for the program and its victims in the mid 90’s.

Multiple victims have also come forward sharing their disturbing experiences.


You can access those files via the CIA’s electronic reading room. Simply use “MKULTRA” as the key word in the search.


As with any sensitive and controversial subject, the disclosure of information is usually, based on my research  into Black Budget Special Access Programs, a way to put the subject to rest, or claim that ‘this is all there was’ to this program. It’s a quiet way to stop the concern and questioning from citizens, without really disclosing the full extent of the program, and whether it still runs today.


I believe our television, mainstream media and more were all birthed out of mind-control programs and intentions, but that’s just speculation.

Was the program really terminated? We’ll get to that a little later on in the article. The main concern right now is the idea that MK Ultra mind-control experiments only consisted of LSD, electroshock ‘therapy’ and other torturous actions. This is evident by recent programs who covered the topic, but it’s simply not true, and as usual,  there is much more to the story.


Read on:

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 Links with a small excerpt from the CIA website itself.


MK-Ultra is not the of a new James Bond movie. It is, or was the code word for a secret CIA project which took place between 1953 and 1964 in which unsuspecting emotionally crippled for life. MK-Ultra consisted of more than 130 research programs which took place in prisons, hospitals and universities all over the United States. Tonight we'll look at subproject number 68, and experiment conducted in Canada.

The CIA does not deny that the experiments took place. In fact, we'll show you an internal agency memo which admits their involvement.


More than six years ago, I first exposed the horror of MK-Ultra the CIA's super secret program that used unwitting victims as living test tubes for bizarre, mind-altering drugs.


Two decades ago. the Central Intelligence Agency carried out secret experiments on thousands of American citizens. The purpose was to discover ways to control human behavior. The super-secret program used unwitting victims as living test tubes for bizarre mind-altering drugs. The CIA called the project MK/Ultra.


Now, for the first time, some of the victims have stepped forward. They're former inmates of Atlanta federal penitentiary, where they were given LSD and other drugs as part of the MK/Ultra program. Now they're suing the CIA for lying to them about the true purposes of the experiments, also for mental damage they say they suffered from the drug sessions.

There were new revelations today about cloak-and-dagger spy operations by our side. The CIA Director, Admiral Stansfield Turner, met with the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed session to provide more information about MK-Ultra. Mk-Ultra is a CIA program started nearly 25 years ago to control human behavior through the use of drugs, electronic shock, psycho surgery, and other rather sophisticated techniques.

The CIA now says it has discovered documents relating to the program that apparently were not filed in the right place. Acting under the Freedom of Information Act former State Department official, John Marx, has obtained a number of other documents on MK-Ultra. He made this public today.

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Slain Church Founder Planned film on CIA Drug Experiments
Los Angeles
George Peters, the Curch of Naturalism founder who was murdered at its Hollywood Hills compound a week ago, had been working on a film in which he claimed involvement in CIA drug experiments, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The Los Angeles Herald Examiner said Peters had for several years been working with a church secretary Susan Shore on the film about a Central Intelligence Agency mind-control program called MK Ultra that he claimed to have been involved in.


NBC News has new information on mind experiments 20 years ago without the patients knowledge, experiments funded by the CIA

This information indicated the CIA was interested in learning how to erase memory. The report by Paul Atlmayer.


Harvard University says it conducted two human behavior research projects for the CIA but denies participating in CIA-sponsored testing of LSD and other drugs on humans.


Previously, it had been disclosed that Dr. Frank Olson, a civilian biochemist for the Army,committed sucide by jumping out a New York hotel window in 1953 while under the influence of a drug secretly administered to him by a CIA official as part of the MK Ultra Program.


Among the thousands of pages of documents which have been made available by the CIA on MK-Ultra are descriptions of a number of odd experiments. In one CIA researchers isolated and collected "sizable amounts" of tick venom, which can cause muscle paralysis. One agency memo suggested using insect venom as a knockout agent to induce what the memo writer called "involontary sleep."

Another memo described a chemical under investigation,known as LSE, as producing the effect of "a reversible chemical lobotomy."

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