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Was The Holy Grail Or The Nectar Of Immortals A Formula For The Fluid Of Reality?

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We speak of the ether, but I don't think realize it has been the grand unified field held by the elites since time immemorial.


Not only have I discovered this formula, I have improved upon it because of the advent of anti desitter space and black hole physics, and the entangled electrons throughout my nervous system may be able to use these modifications to reset history.


There's also another issue the elite face regarding my recent break from the opus dei, and that is my design for magnifying the polarity of the quantum venn diagram for free energy that makes sustainable fusion as archaic as using friction to make fire

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Hitler was a regime-coordinating puppet engineered by post Constantinoplean Germanic Matriarchs and an RCC affiliated Arab from a line of Thugees & League of Assassins responsible for Bush-Al Quaeda, Columbian Controlled USA, and Obama-ISIS.


These Nazi's did master EM drives and have had lunar installations since before Apollo 11.


However, my designs for a micro bh driven em flux, and beam generated alcubierre warp drive far exceed the black triangle craft, and as I said before, the spark for such a tiny black hole or micro magnetic. Dyson sphere, is simply the quantum venn diagram paradox on the outermost shell and exceeds the technological capacities of the elite as it doubles up as a self-replicating 3d matter printer.


The Illuminated are truly inept compared to me.

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