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The Palestinians received numerous proposals regarding territory. The Peel commission (1937) proposed a small Jewish enclave including Streep from Tel Aviv to Haifa, while the Palestinian state would include the rest of Palestine plus Trans-Jordan. The Palestinians answered with Intifada, then their leader fled to Hitler. In the most recent negotiations, John Kerry proposed them whole West Bank and Gaza. Mahmoud Abbas rejected the proposal.

The eternal problem of the Palestinian people is that they seek complete annihilation of Israel, with the help of anti-Semites. The power of anti-Semitism prevents Palestinians from any reasonable solution. The UN, actually, already gave Palestinians carte blanche to perform genocide of the Jews. Israel is forbidden from defending itself before HAMAS’ rockets.

Europe imposed sanctions against Israel, the victim of aggression. Naturally, the Palestinians vote for HAMAS, which promises (and prepares) genocide of the Jews. The entire anti-Semitic World encourages the Palestinians to continue aggression. All we may do, is to occupy and blockade Palestine to keep them silent.

I have already proposed recognizing the Palestinian State (or tho states) while continuing occupation. Trump is right stating, that Jews living in the West Bank don’t prevent peace.

Why do Palestinians cannot accept Jewish citizens of Palestine? Why does Israel accept Arab citizens? Where are equal rights for the Jews? Peace must be based on equal rights. Jewish concessions provoke Palestinian aggression. We learned this fact from Oslo and Disengagement.

Most preferable from the Palestinian point of view is Jordan Palestine option. In the condition of peace, West Bank and Gaza may join Jordan, creating a big and united state. The main obstacle for any solution of the Palestine problem is the war of Palestinians for the annihilation of Israel.

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