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Professor Keidar from Bar Ilan University suggests that Yitzhak Rabin was not killed by Yigal Amir, but by someone else. I have a different, more consistent (however theoretical) version. The entire process of the murder of Rabin was «accidentally» filmed in a video that was released a year after this event. In addition, Shabak had an agent (Champagne) through which it was able to control the actions of Igal Amir.


This way, the more logical version emerges than one expressed by Professor Keidar: the security service knew in advance about the impending murder of Rabin and enabled Igal Amir to carry out his plan.


Perhaps the death of Rabin was necessary for someone to avoid the inevitable defeat in the upcoming elections in a year. The aforementioned videotape showed that two minutes before Rabin, Shimon Peres, the true author of the Oslo Accords, passed by Igal Amir, but Amir did not touch him.


Contrary to all efforts, Peres lost the election, defeated by Netanyahu. This outcome predetermined Yasser Arafat: on the eve of the election, he arranged for Israeli voters a series of expository terrorist actions. For some reason, Arafat preferred Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel.


Perhaps, already then, Arafat was planning the Intifada, and hoped that Netanyahu would give him a pretext. In fact, Netanyahu continued the Oslo negotiations and even entered into a Wye Plantation agreement with Arafat, the last of the Oslo agreements. The pretext for the Intifada presented to Arafat Ariel Sharon, who visited the Temple Mount.

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