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The State of Palestine was founded in 1993. Just Israel, not Arabs, laid the foundation of the Palestinian state, after Oslo agreements.

By trying to annihilate Israel, the Palestinians undermined the peace process, so thwarting the creation of their own state. The pathetic position of the Palestinian Cause is due to Palestinian aggressiveness, but much more due to support from the «friends of Palestine», anti-Semites, that incite Palestinians to seek genocide of the Jews.

American Democratic presidential hopeful candidate that proposes «to punish» Israel, revives Palestinian hope for the genocide of the Jews, and this way pushes to a new war in the Middle East.

Trump’s idea for peace is to disappoint Palestinians, so urging them to accept the existence of Israel and enabling compromise. The Palestinian problem may be resolved in such a way that Israel does not inevitably die. This almost insoluble task can be solved by Trump, whom everyone wants to get rid of.


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It seems the other way around because Palestinians are imposed restriction of travel for medical care. That is downright against the Geneva Convention and truly barbaric to do that to other humans. 


Long-Term Health Consequences of Movement Restrictions for Palestinians, 1987–2011


Objectives. To estimate the long-term association between Israeli-imposed restrictions on travel for medical care in the occupied Palestinian territory and health status in adulthood.


Since 1967, movement restrictions on Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip (Gaza) have limited prompt access to medical care. The West Bank and East Jerusalem have been segmented into smaller and smaller disconnected areas by Israeli settlements, separation walls and fences, and Israeli-only roads connecting the settlements. Israel restricts movement between and within the territories through a complex system of comprehensive closures barring travel both between and outside of the territories; internal closures that bar Palestinians from leaving their town, village, or refugee camp; and curfews that bar Palestinians from leaving their homes, sometimes for days at a time. These movement restrictions are enforced through more than 600 permanent checkpoints and roadblocks, several thousand temporary or “flying” checkpoints, and a complex permit system of more than 100 different types of travel permits.1–5


Between 2002 and 2011, the US State Department documented 2159 times ambulances were prevented or delayed from passing through checkpoints, 194 Israeli military attacks on ambulances, and 79 Israeli attacks on emergency response teams.8 For years, pregnant women who needed to travel to a hospital have had to reapply for a travel permit every few days during their last month of pregnancy.3


Israel also has severely restricted access to medical care in Gaza, particularly since the imposition of a severe blockade in 2007. These restrictions include barring the importation of medicines and equipment, barring people from leaving Gaza for specialized medical training, and the physical destruction of medical facilities, the sole power plant, and water treatment plants.5 The Palestinian Ministry of Health must request permits for patients who cannot receive proper treatment in Gaza to travel to East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Jordan, or elsewhere for medical care. As the conditions of health facilities in Gaza deteriorate, permit requests have increased from 305 during the first quarter of 2008 to 7809 during the first quarter of 2017.9,10

Researchers and human rights organizations have documented incidents of impaired health and even death caused by movement restrictions, but the long-term health burden of movement restrictions is not known.5,7,8 This study addresses that gap directly.



My question is who are the real terrorist there in Israel? I don't even think it is a question.

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