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As we all know from chemistry, as the temperature decreases, the volume of a gas decreases. But what if not only gases ?

I consider the Temperature as being the 4th dimension, because it affects space as well as time. The more you get near 0 K (Kelvin), the slower your time. at 0 K, in my theory, you would be frozen in time, literally and figuratively. i backed it up with some formulas if anyone is interested let me know!


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I have often pondered temp decrease to 0 k. I have read as much as I can. From what I understand, even at 0...there would still be atomic activity...albeit, slower but still activity. That's where I get confused. I almost want to believe all activity ceases...perhaps it would lead me to conclude (thought exercise conclude) that time ceases to exist as without motion (rate of change) how could there be time?


Definately makes the brain tired pondering. 1st law of thermo seems easy to understand. 2nd law, little more difficult (for me) but that 3rd law leaves me totally confused.


Tx for opening this thread. I am going to follow and hopefully advance my knowledge on your topic:):):)

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Well firstly it is impossible to reach zero kelvin in real universe, secondly this has nothing to do with the passage of time, time will pass regardless, thirdly GAHD is right you are confusing time with entropy the material, the entropy would be undefined at zero kelvin which is a impossibility to actually reach. fourthly, time does not slow down it actually speeds up as there is less energy-mass in a location as gravity and velocity slow down time which temperature is just average kinetic energy of a material, thus these three points make your view completely incorrect the universe doesn't work that way.

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