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So I was thinking about money today, Do you think that a large number in a bank account makes a person any more or less important? What is your philosophy on money and the acquisition of physical items? I am very interested to hear your perspectives on money later I will tell mine and be honest there are no right or wrong answers!


P.S. feel free to move this to whatever sub-forum you think it should be in.

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Wealth does not indicate the value of an individual.  A prime example currently infests the Oval Office.


Personally, I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination.  I have been permanently disabled for 2 years and live comfortably on my disability benefits.  In 2 years all of my debts will be paid off and I will be old enough to start drawing off my retirement account to supplement the disability income, so I am set for the remainder of my miserable existence.  With that said, I would dearly love to be able to rejoin the workforce and be productive again. 


As to your question about acquisition of physical items, I want nothing more than I already have, and frankly I would like to get rid of a lot of it.  If I got rid of the 2-1/2 1974 MG Midgets in the basement then I would not need a basement, and if I ditched the unused living room furniture I wouldn't need that room, so I could down-size to a 3br/2ba house that was 1200-1500 square feet with a 2 car garage/workshop.  As you will find as you grow older, personal possessions just tie you down.

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Physical money is necessary for healthy economies but certain forms of virtual money like short selling and futures are abominations that have corrupted the entire global financial system.


Please note, the following poem is not a push for a gold standard, if anything it is against virtual currencies, because we (the greedy bastards and their politician mates) never learn the lessons of history .


October 05 23:16:35 1998 'The plea of Beibionn'


You can have your magic beans Jack

your children are hungry and we need the cow back.


The lack of just terms and equitable or fair pacts

expose all crooked beanstalks to concerted attacks.


Unless obsessive cycles are stopped in their tracks

our towns will again be as flat as tacks.


You have been too trusting Jack

your children’s futures remain black

while current problems compound through lack.


Struggle earnestly against the pack

repudiate rights to depreciatingly retract

as giants fortress lie ripe for sack.


For only fair shares of the golden goose Jack

will save beanstalks and giants from the axe.


Some light entertainment to finish off, the Global Economic Circus.


Roll Up, Roll Up one and all. In honor of the coming change in the tide of international economic rationalism, the 'Global Economic Circus' presents three New World Wonders for your amusement. No questions asked, no responsibility taken, no refund or guarantee implied warranted or given.


Ring 1 - Atomic Rocket Science Revealed


The new economic 'rocket science' is easy to understand once the amazing Atom Man weaves his magical spell. If Energy (E) equals Mass (M) times c squared and E also equals 'user paid' dollars (UP$) per M then c equals both the speed of light and the square root of UP$, for all M greater than zero, according to current global economic theory. This explains why light speeds faster wherever the power system fails (time slows down, because energy costs more, to compensate for the faster speed) and light runs more slowly in other locations where energy is cheaper and time runs much faster. It's so much easier now, isn't it.


Ring 2 - The Mobius Python


Jack the explorer and a 'brave' economist*, recreate their recent expedition into the darkest financial jungle. They have just spotted a massive python in the process of eating itself by the tail under a huge hedge of obfuscatia vine. The economist remarks on the reptiles 'exceptional growth rate' while the explorer retorts that 'the stupid snake would probably die when it eats over half of itself'. 'No chance of that' says the economist, 'all I need to do is slow down the rate a bit to guarantee sustainability'. With a stroke of ironic genius the economist moves closer and disturbs the previously engrossed reptile. The starving snake, realizing its folly, disentangled itself from its predicament, latches onto the economist and prepared itself for a real feast. *We have a conditional free offer of an inside ring seat for one economist during each and every performance.


Ring 3 - Frankenstein & Jekylls Cow


Dr's Frankenstein and Jekyll are two biologically inclined economists who have put together a cow that you can milk and eat at the same time as long as you keep on feeding it. Unfortunately, the cost of feed went up just before the show and they didn't realise that their monstrous cow had died until the milk soured and the audience got a bad dose of BSE/ME (Bloody Stupid Economist or Mad Economist) disease. We apologise for the lingering smell and any inconvenience caused.


Do you know of any better ‘acts’ around the world today?

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So I was thinking about money today, Do you think that a large number in a bank account makes a person any more or less important? What is your philosophy on money and the acquisition of physical items? I am very interested to hear your perspectives on money later I will tell mine and be honest there are no right or wrong answers!


P.S. feel free to move this to whatever sub-forum you think it should be in.




If you have no money, some might regard you as unimportant. If you are a billionaire and spend your money on social works to improve society some might regard you as a better person.


Reversing the situation


If a person with nothing gives the shirt of their back to help a person in need and a billionaire does nothing to help, who is the better person. 


Money no matter how it is acquired works to make society work only as long as it flows through society. If the billionaire above squirrels everything he earns away and spends nothing. The financial cycle dries up. 


A person who benefits from society should pay more tax than a person who earns little. Taxation around the world differs, dependent on the politics of the leaders. 


In the UK no tax is payed until you have a living wage. In other less developed countries tax is payed on everything you earn, and even on money you are assumed to have received. In some societies feudal systems work where by people pull their forelocks and smile hoping to receive additional payments in the form of tips, without receiving a basic wage. Minimum wages are guaranteed in Europe, but I have been led to believe this is not the case in all developed countries outside of Europe.


I try to spend my money where I live where possible to benefit my immediate community. 

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In today's society, I think money establishes hierarchy. Sadly so. I imagine ancient tribes (with no, or minuscule monetary means) established hierarchy differently...perhaps, strength, hunting/gathering ability, etc.


I judge people by their actions so wealth status means nothing to me. Unfortunately this does not influence society around me or in the world (to any significant or measurable degree:(:(:(

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Money has always solved most of the issues.  Those who have money can afford better rest, or other goods.   Today, fortunately, there are many different projects to earn money.  There are many interesting projects on the Internet. This should be used as long as there is such an opportunity

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