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Asking If Spacetime Is Involved Is The Key To Unifying The Theory Of Everything.

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QuantumFieldTime ..it's like SpaceTime except it's unobserved. It doesn't use time, but has been around forever ..even before SpaceTime. Let me explain. The spark of SpaceTime has a beginning time within the realm of QuantumFieldTime ..but it wasn't the big bang. The Big Bang didn't see SpaceTime until much later. The Quantum world was doing just fine as a flat existence without SpaceTime. Objects today that are large/3D and are always anchored to spacetime were flat before SpaceTime, but were holographically 3D like the holographic principal portrays. A god with infinite time on its hands decided that it would program SpaceTime in order to allow mortals to be able to observe. These observations would serve as entertainment to the god and kill time. When a god turned SpaceTime on, there where a couple things that refused to accept it and turn into real 3D ..supermassive black holes and dark matter. Dark Energy is the quantum field you've heard so much about. So there you have it, it's observed VS unobserved. The uncertainty principle happens because quantum objects are not able to fully become SpaceTime objects just with observation.


Spacetime = Observation and was built on the Unobservable = Quantum Field.


Anything unobservable belongs to the quantum realm ..including black holes.


Gravity isn't a force, no such thing as gravitons. It's either connected to spacetime or it isn't. Quantum objects ride on the curvature of spactime because it is a path of least resistance ..not that it is apart of it.

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