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  1. The tragic and unnecessary death of young Ethiopian 19 years old man, a new immigrant, Solomon Taka, has become a pretext for the “Ethiopian intifada”. But the pretext is not the root. There is every reason to believe that this match lit a fire, the combustible material of which has long been ready to flare. And flashed already more than once.

Formally, demonstrations are directed against racism in Israeli society and against police brutality. Under these slogans, the organizers of the action received permission to bring the Ethiopians to legal demonstrations.

By themselves, such slogans are quite legitimate. We, former immigrants from the USSR, felt very well the racism directed against us, “Russians”. We felt even more strongly the discrimination and over-exploitation at work, and the lifelong strangulation of the housing loans. These debts are often not only lifelong, they pass on to the next generation. Debt slavery is based on high prices for everything: housing, food, and  on corruption of officials, including judges, and on massive looting of the population by monopolies and mafias.

The problem of prices is not economic, but social. Netanyahu once said that this is “social Auschwitz.” He meant that high prices force young families to refrain from having children, and this is the demographic Auschwitz. The first to get this blow are socially weak strata, including Ethiopians. But why are they weak?

Upon arrival in Israel, we learned that our Ethiopian brothers are subject to “compensating discrimination”, that is, they receive serious privileges compared to “Russian” olim. And now, after thirty years, the “Russians”, like that frog from the parable, did not drown, but whipped butter underneath and got more or less arranged to the surface: we have housing, our children have learned and work, everybody to the best of their abilities and efforts. Thank God (or Netanyahu glory?), there is no unemployment in Israel.

And what about the «privileged» Ethiopians? Their position today is much worse. Of course, one should not forget the initial difference in education, and, most importantly, the unpreparedness to the tough competition in modern society (although the “Russians” suffered this unpreparedness, too).

But after all, in the next generation of olim, which grew up and was educated in Israel, these initial “scissors” of education mostly went away. So why is the “Russian” youth not driven into the revolution, but is diligently studying and working, while the young Ethiopians are not just demonstrating, but are moving towards an uprising? The answer is: possibly, the “compensating discrimination” has created an inability to fight for a place under the sun through study and labor.

In addition, there are examples of Palestinians and ultra-Orthodox: it turns out that by means of aggression it is possible to achieve the extension of privileges … The Palestinians and Hizbullah turned their war against the Jewish State into their main source of income. The most famous and recent example: Hamas obtained a large sum for having temporarily interrupted rocket attacks. Why don’t poor Ethiopians get a ransom for stopping blocking the highways and allowing working people to come to work and return home? Blocking roads and intersections is an effective method of putting pressure on the entire people of Israel. Possibly, this pressure will affect the outcome of the elections. On the one hand, the Hamas rockets, and on the other — the Ethiopian intifada, all that for intimidating us. We were punished because of voting for Netanyahu.

  1. Now let’s consider the role of the police in general, and in the current Ethiopian intifada in particular.

 Let’s start with «in general». It is known that the value of drug traffic in the world exceeds the scale of oil trade. Actually, there is a World “opium war”, where the health and survival of entire nations are at stake. But what about the police? Why is it powerless? The answer is well known: drug dealers distribute money to the police and politicians so that they “do not see” what is happening.

What is true of the World Village is fully relevant to Israel. Everyone knows that the main source of drugs entering Israel is Hezbollah. Nasrallah even boasted that he would destroy the youth of Israel and our soldiers with drugs. Missiles will only finish the «work». And what does the police with it? The same as do all the other policemen of the World Village.

We all complain about prohibitively high retail prices for goods and services, and we send the accusing finger towards the monopolies. Yes, trade monopolies also steal our wages in their stores.

But no less than by the monopolies, we are robbed by the local mafia, which imposed an exorbitant «tax» on all small businesses, without exception. It is they who directly dictate higher prices, by taking the «tribute» from the owners of small businesses, shops, workshops and services. Those who cannot raise prices are ruined, closed, run away from the envoys of the ubiquitous mafia.

I was an accidental witness of such a “tribute collection” when the barber, who cut my hair, turned pale to death (or rather, turned green: he was swarthy), threw me in the middle of the haircut and went out for an “interview” with two ambals who were waiting for him outside. After a twenty-minute “conversation,” he returned, finished the haircut and closed his barbershop… forever. I never saw him again.

The “Russian”  owner of the cell phone workshop, where I got service for10 years, also closed his shop. The shoemaker, who very much asked me not to lose a receipt for shoes, because he had to report … no, not to the tax office, but to the mafia! – also is closed now. And what the police? The police also «patronize» businessmen … for money!

Not surprisingly, the police do not enjoy the trust of the people, including Ethiopians. The father of the dead Ethiopian guy demands an independent, rather than a police investigation of the tragic incident, and he is right!

3.So, the two main demands of the demonstrators, a protest against racism and a protest against the police, are partially or fully substantiated. The organizers of the demonstrations asked, and received, permission for peaceful demonstrations. And what happened to this permission?

I will not retell everything that the media report, and what you yourself have become involuntary witnesses. Under the cover of legitimate demonstrations, someone shakes our life, turning demonstrations from the peaceful course to the intifada of the Ethiopian minority against the working majority of Israelis.

The main subject of this intifada turned the highways along which workers return home after a busy day. This reminds us of the intifada of immigrants in France, where cars in the parking lots became the main target of the “demonstrations”. And we, as in France, have divided society into those who have cars and those who don’t have them. We must understand that our lifestyle is completely dependent on the car (or lack that). Everyone has cell phones, but cars possess only two thirds. The Ethiopians, as a rule, do not have cars, and this fact causes real Marx’s class enmity.

If the Ethiopians were protesting only against the police and discrimination, public opinion would be on their side, even in spite of excesses and violence. Well, they do not know to control themselves, so not they only…

In fact, “someone” took care to direct the “combat” part of the Ethiopians against the majority of Israelis, and in this way sets fire of a civil war in our society. The victims of such a war and of the racism generated by it will turn just the Ethiopians. The “someone” who organized this intifada does not act in the interests of the Ethiopian community, but against them, and against the people of Israel as a whole. The incident with Solomon Taka was the occasion to launch a spiral of violence. As another example, the visit of Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount turned the pretext for the Palestinian intifada.


  1. Ethiopian intifada is the result of a conspiracy. But who is behind it?

Let’s think about it, our Ethiopian scenario resembles political technologies that have already been used in the past. For example: Hamas sent hundreds of thousands of Gazans to “peaceful” demonstrations outside the fence, and under the cover of these hundreds of thousands of unarmed people, “someone” has been launching incendiary balloons, and even is shooting at our soldiers.

The entire “Arab Spring” was an example of the mass use of political technologies, which led to the destruction of a number of Arab states. Then everyone nodded toward Facebook, in other words toward Mark Zuckerberg himself.

And now it is Israel’s round to prove the validity of the methods developed by George Soros. Hypothetically, (I have no proof of such hypothesis), because of the left failed in the democratic elections, someone is preparing for us an anti-democratic revolution in order to return the power to the bankrupt left forces. For example (again hypothetically), the police, which initiated investigations against Netanyahu to clear the way for the left, would help Left to seize power, ostensibly protecting us from unleashed Ethiopians.

As a matter of fact, in a democratic state any violent revolution can only be coup of a minority in order to suppress the majority, and it doesn’t matter what serves as a cover: Lenin’s “proletarians”, immigrants in Europe or Ethiopians in Israel. For example, Jeremy Corbin uses for this purpose immigrants and anti-Zionism.

No matter how justified are the slogans of the Ethiopians. The real instigators and organizers of criminal anti-democratic actions must be investigated and judged. In order to do so, we should not stop before any taboos. If it turns out that the New Israel Foundation (i.e. George Soros), or Facebook (i.e. Mark Zuckerberg), or the Meretz party, or anti-Zionist ultra-orthodox, or human rights activists, or Adalla, or someone else who we do not know, had a hand in organizing the unrest — they will have to be judged in accordance with the law.

  1. It is necessary to adopt an additional law on the protection of democracy, which will prohibit the abuse of «political technologies», social networks and the media to undermine the democratic system and the rule of law.

On the other hand, it is necessary to outline and implement long-term measures to enhance the motivation of all, and not only Ethiopian, youth to study, serve in the army, work, give birth and bring up children. And to fight against drugs and addiction to alcohol (beer, which traditionally like Ethiopians is also alcohol). And to eradicate xenophobia and racism of all colors: anti-black, anti-white, anti-Ethiopian, anti-Russian, anti-Arab, anti-Zionist, anti-religious, anti-secular, anti-Moroccan, anti-immigrant, etc.

Cleaning the Augean stables of the police and the court should be a measure to strengthen democracy. It’s time to understand that criminal mafias and everyone that they feed on, are not just marginal anti-social elements. Their goal is not only to extract money from those who earn it with honest work, but also to undermine the foundations of society and the state.

Thieves and corrupt officials are not just people who suffer an affection to money. For example, drug traffickers cooperate with Hezbollah, which, with the support of Iran, is waging war for our destruction. Mafia are enemies who cooperate with anti-Semites, destroy all us physically and morally, and destroy our state and society.

In fact, corrupt officials and the Mafia are accomplices, collaborators, who cooperate with our mortal enemies. They themselves are our political and social enemies, no matter which party they join. In our specific conditions, the fight against the mafia and corruption is a struggle for the survival of the state and the people.

The commission that Netanyahu created should consider not only the causes of the Ethiopian rebellion, and think how to eliminate them, but also consider the state of the police. The third problem that needs to be explored is to discover, who uses political technology to undermine our democracy, to unleash a civil war and to help anti-Semites to destroy the state and the people of Israel.


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This is insightful I never knew Ethiopians and others were subject to such policies in the USSR and other countries, but I guess I should have guessed given that genocide happens on groups of people so why wouldn't there be policies aimed at a certain group of people socially and economically then against we used to have segregation against African Americans in the US, so nothing would surprise me. 

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