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Why Do You Believe Superposition/entanglement Include Spacetime?

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There is no "boundary" between quantum and classical. It is just a matter of scale, specifically the size of quantities compared to Planck's Constant.   We understand very well how uncertainty princip

*pets polymath*  

Jolly good, that rules out all of both quantum theory and statistical thermodynamics.


So that means the whole of physical chemistry is a failure, according to you.  :winknudge:


Enough of this tomfoolery.




Chemistry will improve with this discovery.

Sure, don't take me seriously, I'm just wait around for the day they throw in the towel on finding quantum gravity ..and you'll then remember this thread. 

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If matter waves are only waves of variables/information and their amplitude propagate along a 2D plane ..it's all the more reason to believe observation/spacetime converts the information to reality. If QM represents information, Spacetime was built on top of it.


It occurred to me that Dark Energy is quantum and also existed before the big bang / spacetime. I'm starting to think there isn't a reason for spacetime to exist without something intelligent implementing it. The infinite dimension of information waves was doing just fine without spacetime making everything physical.

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