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Using Fleming’s Left Hand Rule to describe photon absorption and emission. (Electromagnetic production).


Fleming’s Left Hand Rule describes the force felt on a current carrying wire when it is placed in a uniform magnetic field. This phenomenon also describes the occurrence of an electron moving up an energy level within the atom itself. The electron as it orbits the nucleus of an atom creates an electric current. This electric current in turn produces a magnetic field surrounding the atom. If this electron is then put in a different uniform magnetic field then the two magnetic fields combine to put a force on the electron, thereby, forcing the electron to move up an energy level. The direction of this force is perpendicular to both the current direction and the magnetic field. In order to exact the full force on the electron, the electric field has to be at 90° to the magnetic field. This absorbed electromagnetism then forms the basis of the photon absorption and later emission as the electron loses energy (at the higher energy level) which then moves back down one or more energy levels. As the electron moves back down it releases the electromagnetic wave that was present in the fields beforehand.


The above description of why an electron moves up one or more energy levels provides a new way to understand photon absorption and emission i.e. the production and emission of electromagnetism itself.

When the electric field (created by the orbiting electron) is at right angles to a uniform magnetic field then the electron moves up energy levels. Therefore, at this stage the electron absorbs the photon (quantum of electromagnetism), thereby, absorbing the energy which will be released later on as the electron loses energy at its higher energy level, (emission of photon – quantum of electromagnetism). During the atomic transition to a lower energy level, photons of various energies will be emitted, ranging from gamma waves to radio waves.

 Therefore, it can be seen that electric currents (created by moving electrons) crossing magnetic fields creates electromagnetism.



Based on previous experiments to describe Fleming’s Left Hand Rule, it can be predicted that if the electric current and magnetic fields are not at 90° to each other but at some lesser angle then the electron will feel some force but to a lesser extent than if the two fields are at right angles to each other. It can also be speculated that the movement felt by the electron would not be in the same perpendicular line if the two fields were at some lesser angle to 90°.

Therefore, electromagnetism can be seen to be generated by the atom itself. Therefore, where there is a lot of atomic activity e.g. the stars, then much electromagnetism will be generated and emitted.

In conclusion, the photon can be seen to be purely a quantum of electromagnetism solely.

Please discuss.

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Dear All,

My above post about the generation of electromagnetism describes the force felt by an electron as it absorbs the electric and magnetic fields before it jumps up one or more energy levels and then emits a photon as it loses energy and falls back down.

However, this theory (as another physicist pointed out) has yet to describe the reasons why or how the electron absorbs the electric and magnetic fields before it jumps up one or more energy levels.

Therefore, it is my hope that a physicist with more means and knowledge than I have, could pick up the baton and carry on research into this topic, as I feel there is great potential in describing this phenomenon fully. Maybe carrying out the valuable experimental data needed to back up this theory and then putting it forward as a replicable experiment.

I believe that the findings of this theory could prove revolutionary and the various applications could be immense. I especially believe that in the area of energy production it could prove to be highly significant. It may even offer the exciting prospect of green energy for future generations.

Would it be possible to recreate the right conditions in a laboratory, so that electromagnetism could be generated artificially? Electromagnetism is the Earth’s source of light and heat, therefore, appears a very good form of energy to utilize.

Maybe this form of energy would reduce the need for the National Grid or even the use of electricity altogether, as electromagnetism could be generated in every home and business. Perhaps, this form of energy could be used almost solely in the future, as mankind develops safe and efficient means of energy production.

Please feel free to respond if you wish to.


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..."virtual" photons not regular photons. Google field line interactions and propagator functions. Feynman should be on your reading list. 80 years is not exactly "new."

Thanks for reminding me to brush up on Lamb shifts though.

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