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This theory give answer to many problems of physics like

1) Dark matter.

2) Accelerated expansion of world.

3) Dual nature of particle & wave.

4) Why matter is much more than anti-matter in world?

5) Theory beyond standard model of particle physics.

6) What is the space?

etc etc


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World is expanding at such a rate that can not be explain by present physics.

...My theory gives explanation to this problem.

Dark matter is most difficult problem in present physics.

...My theory gives explanation to this problem.

This theory will solve many problems in physics. like dual nature of particle, excess matter than anti-matter etc etc.

This theory can develop again mathematically to give solution to other problems of physics.

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I glanced down part of your paper :out: . You have got lots of things completely wrong. 40 pages of corrections are too much to discuss. 




The speed of light is NOT constant in a gravitational field.




Photons carry energy, which they transfer when they are absorbed.


etc etc


It is obvious English is not your first language. Have you had any physics education?

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The speed of light is constant.

Only Contrary to classical thought, this does not imply that the speed of the photon changes.

What actually changes is the wavelength. A photon moving towards a source of gravitational

field will experience an increase in frequency and lowering of wavelength

(also called a blue shift), and a corresponding rise in energy and momentum.


1)In atom, electron jumps from lower orbit to higher orbit when it absorbs photon (or absorbs quantum of energy).

I have not seen anything wrong in above statement. As photon is completely disappear after that event.

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From examination and application of several physical theories upon this, it is incorrect, this is another "Just isn't the way it works" if you want examples of problems with the paper which there are many I will elaborate if asked about the paper directly. It is said to make a masterpiece painting the artist must try thousands of times to draw before he gets it right, I think such is the case with physics too. One of these days someone will hit and I will say "My God, that is the way it works", but not today.



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