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We had a tornado roll through our area Sunday evening which was confirmed by the NWS to have been an EF-1.  My house is in a bowl so the tornado blew right over us with nothing more than a little tree damage  The wife and I went out yesterday evening for dinner and saw some of the damage where it touched down in town +/- 1 mile away.











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The 3 car garage in the first photo had 3 new or nearly new Cadillac CTS sedans in it that were crushed.  From what I saw, I would guess the damage at that house is at least $120,000.  The church across the street didn't appear to have any damage other than a few missing roof shingles.  The house in the third photo looks like about $75,000 in structural damage, but I have no idea what kind of water damage there may be inside.

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The third photo is a prime example of what I dislike about the new construction McMansion homes.  A two story home with a decorative high pitched gable roof on a hilltop is subject to substantial wind loading.  The snow load in this part of the country is zero so a high pitch roof is unnecessary.  If the roof had been a hipped roof instead of a gabled roof it might have survived intact due to inherent internal bracing.

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