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My Comments On The Dark Matter Phenomenon

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Yes I am sure you do wonder, but not for the reasons you think.


It stands there until moderators can decide whether it suits the full conditions of the site, I did try to rephrase the work in terms of questions, but it appears the work is largely independent and the questions where not satisfactory. That doesn't impede my investigation by any means.

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Doublesox has just been banned yet again from sciforums, this time under the sockpuppet "ScienceInquisitor". The moderator's remarks are possibly worth noting - I could not put it better:


"ScienceInquisitor (aka Reiku, Simons Cat, Gareth Meredith, and many many more aliases):


Your permanent ban from sciforums has been reinstated once again, following this most recent incursion using yet another sock puppet. Ordinarily, I would just remove all of the material you managed to post prior to your identity being discovered (again), and be done with it. However, I will take this opportunity to explain a few things to you, in case there is some residual confusion in your mind.


First: Permanent means permanent. Your behaviour on this forum was sufficiently objectionable to attract a permanent ban. You received many many warnings and a number of temporary bans prior to being banned permanently, but you chose not to alter your behaviour to comply with our site posting guidelines. You are banned permanently because of your own actions, not for any other reason. This is not bullying, or a vendetta on the part of the moderators. You were unable or unwilling to comply with our posting guidelines, despite much guidance and friendly advice. In the end, you attracted so many official warnings that you were permanently banned.


One might hope that you would take something away from the experience of being banned repeatedly on many different discussion forums by moderators operating independently of one another, but it seems you are either unable or unwilling to take advice on board and to take responsibility for your own behaviour. Instead, it seems that you consider yourself a victim, and how people react to you is always somebody else's fault, never your own.


You started this current thread with an apology for past behaviour. The thing is, we've seen that part of your schtick before, too. Here's the thing: for an apology to be worth anything, it must be (a) sincere, and (b) backed up by actions that show it is sincere. Otherwise, it is merely empty words.


We have seen the same pattern of behaviour from you many times now. You create a sock puppet identity to sign up to the forum, usually these days to spam material you have previously posted elsewhere. When your sock puppet identity is unmasked, you protest that you just want one more chance, that you've turned over a new leaf and learned a lot, and so on and so forth. Then you typically spend a lot of time focussing on personal matters, complaining about victimisation and supposed bullying by others. When your ideas are criticised, you complain that you are being bullied, rather than responding to the substance of the objections raised against your pseudoscience.


As far as content goes, you typically post your own pseudo-physics ideas, combined with mathematics that you have copied from somewhere else. If anybody takes time to analyse your postings, they usually find that they make no sense. The topics start like they are the middle of a conversation rather than the start of one. There are many holes and errors in the maths: steps do not follow from one another, or there are basic errors. When the maths is correct, it is usually either basic theory found in many places or else it is plagiarised from an unknown original source.


There has never been much evidence of any formal training in physics on your part. Rather, what comes across is a pretense at such training. It's like you think you can pull the wool over the eyes of people who have actually studied the kind of stuff you post. I don't know what you think you're achieving. Perhaps it pushes your buttons when you manage to bamboozle people who don't have the training in physics and/or maths to unpack your nonsense. Perhaps it makes you feel superior. Perhaps this is compensation for how you feel in your "real life" (though that is speculation). The point is: there's no reason why a forum like this one should pander to your need to be thought more intelligent than others.


Over the years, you have been given a lot of good advice. Indeed, you've been given good advice by several other posters in the current thread. What it boils down to is this: stop pretending to do physics and maths. If you want to do it, go off and learn about it properly. Pretending is a waste of everybody's time, not least your own. Why fritter your life away trying to con people?


In your first post here, you said if you're not welcome here, you'll go away and not bother us again. So let me make it clear: our patience with you and our welcome for you here ran out for you long ago, and you only have yourself to blame for that. I believe you've made this sort of statement before, too - that you'll go away and not return. Well, let's see if this time will be any different than all the other times.


You have asked (again) for "another chance". But you were given many additional chances in the past, and you never changed, no matter how much you said you had changed. Your chances here have run out. You burnt your bridges.


If any further evidence is needed that you are not sincere in your claim to want to start with a clean slate, it is the very fact of signing up here repeatedly under sock puppet names, trying to hide as long as you can until your identity is unmasked yet again. Somebody who was sincere in wanting to come back might sign up under a new name (perhaps an obvious one) and send a private message to the moderators to explain himself, to beg forgiveness and to ask politely to be allowed to post again, before posting anything to the public forums. From memory, there may have been one occasion where you tried that approach, and you were allowed back for a time, although I may be confusing you with somebody else. Whatever the case, if you were allowed back in the past (which I suspect you were) then you quickly reverted to type thereafter and showed that you had no sincere wish to chance anything about your behaviour in your new incarnation. So, we've tried giving you "one more chance" and it has demonstrably not resulted in different behaviour than before. It seems to me that there is no reason to expect that, were you ever allowed back here again, anything would change. Like I said, you burnt your bridges.


I hope you can take away something useful from your experience here. I hope you will stay away from this forum in future. I hope you will stop wasting your time on internet forums trying to big-note yourself with pretense. They aren't high hopes, however, given past performance.


Best wishes, Gareth. I really hope that your "real life" is not as pathetic as your time on internet forums has been. If you're in your early 30s, as you claim, there's still time to change yourself for the better. Good luck with that."


 So this forum is once more the only place on the internet that hosts Reiku's outpourings of pompous and delusional rubbish. At any rate, for the time being - I have little doubt that he will be back, to make a nuisance of himself under a new name, before long.   
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Thanks ever so much...  was waiting this... with slight hope none of the moderators would have taken your utter garbage for serious. I lasted five days, but then the devil is in the details. I now leave this site..... bully that run, and jitter, have more jibes than manners.



To everyone else who has been VERY kind, I hope you accept my apology. I wish you all the best.

Edited by Dubbelosix
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What is this sciforums you speak of. Never mind I found it, muahahaha

Yes. There are one or two people still around there who are sound on relativity etc, which I know is your interest. The moderator James (who banned Doublesox) knows his physics. If you post under alternative theories you may get a fairish hearing for your ideas. They don't ban people easily there - you have to be a real plonker or a-hole, over a protracted period, to get banned.  


Later footnote: ...or in some cases a linear combination of the two..... :winknudge:

Edited by exchemist
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Before I do leave, I am going to give you a primer... He knows some physics, he knows some math. But that is it. When I returned a while back, he openly admitted ''you seem to be doing better than the rest of us.'' I remember those exact words because it was a self-admission of his own lack of understanding into the subjects you not so... eloquently understand yourself. You think I am pathetic? Time to look in the mirror.


As for others who ''find'' sciforums, you'll see a real definition of pathetic. Not only did my work stand for five days without any mathematical objections, the only objection others could find is upholding an antiquated system of ... censorship. Now... go **** yourself exchemist, because I am sure you are much better at that than ... your misplaced so-called ''intelligence'' on subjects you can't even shoot down. If James really was as intelligent as you claim, then there should have been a demonstration... but no, I was banned, not because of the content of my work, but the same, boring repeated claim of sockpuppetry.


If that is science, then no wonder this place is starting to get a better reputation than that of sciforums.. oh yes, I've seen the public count there... and the public who attend here have been dwarfing it recently. But then, you don't care about facts... its all about your own ego not to mention your sadistic need to bully from one forum to another.


You're not quite right in the head, are you? I mean, no one is truly perfect, but you have taken the top seat.

Edited by Dubbelosix
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Oh I see you would like a final word as well?


First of all, what part of any of the actual thread has to do with psychology, unless of course you are accusing me of being a mad man, in which case, you really need to get some priorities straight if you ever want to [become] a fair moderator. I am surprised you even have this jurisdiction.


You want to talk psychology? Then do so, but don't move a thread because that is what you want. I wanted to discuss science - instead, I have been targeted by the likes of you and the idiot above, and you somehow think moving this to psychology actually means anything?


Perhaps the title should be ''why weird people stalk other people on various forums'' because lets be honest, that's what has been happening. So what if I have made other accounts? Why does it bother you and that reptile above so much? I always said it had to do with jealousy, because both of you are yet to still demonstrate you even know what you two are on about. A good example was the cold big bang theory, the reptile in question was so adamant he was right, he took several paragraphs to explain why he ''may have been wrong.''


This is why I am leaving, because I don't need to put up with it. In fact, my life is actually great, I have wonderful friends, I have a wonderful family, my mind is very settled and I am proud of the efforts I have put into my own work. There's my own psychology, good luck with everything.

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