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Try To Understand The Center Of A Black Hole

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It comes from simply being the way that black holes work, I'm surprised you don't know this. Nothing can ever reach an event horizon from any frame external to the event horizon and this is not a disputed fact, it's universally accepted black hole physics.


Time dilation, length contraction and redshift all approach infinity from a distant frame as an object approaches the event horizon, so obviously this means that there is never a time on a distant watch when it's too late for a falling object to accelerate away from the black hole.


If red shift approaches infinity its energy approaches zero and it ceases to exist to the observer. Does that help

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It's also worth noting that those countless articles have zero real-world evidence to back them up. It's the problem with book-learning not being applicable to reality. There's a point where "publish

Heh, that's only about the 20th time you have told him that, as have many others, eh, Dubbo?  He's just gunna come back and repeat himself, anyway.  Hide and watch.

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