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Question For An Expert Nutritionist


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...I read a story where an extremely obese person ate nothing but potatoes for 8 months.  He lost 120 pounds, which went a long way toward improving his health, eh?


Carbohydrates have a lower caloric value than fats, so that makes some sense. It is still a relatively unhealthy diet.  Even the Atkins diet appears to be unhealthy if used as a long term regimen.  Everyone has their opinion about what is the best, but the health.gov plan is the most balanced and sustainable IMHO.







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What a f***ing idiot. People will do anything to get on YouBoob.



Chuck just did a whole lot, in very short order, to improve his health, can't ya see?


It's kinda like chugging a pint of uncut Everclear.  Sure, it may burn like gasoline going down, but the health benefits are immeasurable.


Getting huge shot of penicillin to wipe out gonorrhea aint no picnic, either, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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