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Phage Augmented White Blood Cells


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I was thinking and the Cytotoxic Cellular Paste's reproduction method has inspired me and I have designed a White Blood Cell Augmentation using the Viral Reproduction methods found in the Cytotoxic Cellular Paste. The Idea is that basically you could insert certain genes into the White Blood Cell's genome and making a Bacteriological immune system that actively hunts bacteria that extends from the White Blood Cell.


Bacteriophage T4 Genome



You can insert the genome for Bacteriophage T4 into the genome of a white blood cell without the Lysis part of the bacteriophage genome and have the white blood cell still fully functional with the Bacteriophage production genes in place. This would cause the White Blood Cell to produce Bacteriophages throughout its lifetime without harming itself by producing them. These Bacteriophages or phages would actively hunt Bacteria in the blood stream of the human host as without usage of the White Blood cell directly. This would be a sort of adaptive white blood cell augmentation needed to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria making humans naturally immune to some of the more deadly forms of bacteria.




This would make the immune system automatically kill any bacterial threat to the human body actively without having to have a white blood cell notice it and as more bacteria are infected with this active bacteriophage immune system then the bacteriophage parts of the white blood cell would reproduce having a heighten bacteriophage response killing all of the body infected with bacteria that are hostile to the host without the usage of white blood cells that could be harmless against the resistant bacteria unlike the Phage active Immune system which would kill the invaders.



So the White Blood cells modification could be done by none other than Retroviral vectors to insert the Phage genes directly into them which are well known and explained  so will not be explained again, but can be used to transfer them into white blood cells with the Natural HIV-1 Glycoprotien which would insert the Phage Immune system then the white blood cells would begin to curn out bacteriophages as long as the Lysis gene is missing from the Bacteriophage genes inserted.



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