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Genetic Augmentation And Super Humans


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The ability now exists to directly change the human genome and enhance the ability of life to survive using Genetic Engineering. It seems that the Trans-humanists are correct with an influx of new technology in the fields of synthetic biology and Nanotechnology a sort of Genetic Engineering Technological Singularity is being reached and it isn't necessarily before birth that the genetic changes can be made upon the human genome and structure of the body early experiments in Augmentation have started to happen by the 2030s, Nano-machines may flow through our bloodstream but the purpose of them should be to enhance the ability of the human body, It goes back to people dreaming they could have wings, what if you genetically modified the human genome to actually construct wings and grow them for use along with aesthetic purposes? This would be the exact definition of a augmentation much like the mutants in the X-men the movie series or the splicers in Bio-shock the game, you could indeed have sort of super-powers by genetic modification even after-birth using Horizontal Gene Transfer, you could even rewrite your brain after birth using genetic editing techniques primary revolving around Nano-machines. All of this to say the time is soon coming for Augmentation to be achieved in humans as the technology progresses, even with today's technology embryos have been altered to have genetic enhancements in the form of designer babies. Is it unethical to alter someone's Genome before birth possibly...... but what if the choice factor was put back into genetic editing where it could all be done after birth like the leukemia cure, is that unethical not necessarily because the person had the choice of genetic augmentation. All this to say Super-humans are coming via nanotechnology and genetic engineering are you ready? Maybe humans can fly if altered to do so. Imagine any trait that is genetic that you could imagine to want or want removed, it could be made so at your slightest decision to alter yourself. Evolution is at foot here but a strange sort of human design.








"Living Drug" Leukemia cure works 90% of the time on cancer using Viral Vector/Nano-Machine Modified T-Cells.







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