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A River Of Stars

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Is there someone here from OZ - Australia, of course?  Or New Zealand?  Or?  Since it says "southern sky"  I am guessing it means the southern hemisphere.  Can you see it?  Or is a good telescope mandatory?  Better hurry.  The Milky  Way is pulling it apart.  :-)  Quite a picture.

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You dont need to be in Australia to see the miky way, and you dont need a telescope you can see it with the naked eye. Just find a place with no light pollution, top of a mountain, or the middle of an ocean are good spots. A pair of Binoculars improves what you see dramatically, and obviously a big telescope enhances your viewing experience even more. http://www.youcanseethemilkyway.com/#milky-way-from-earth

I didn't mean can they see the Milky Way without a telescope.  I meant can they see the River of Stars.  I sent the article to a friend in Australia.  He said that, yes, they'd need a telescope to see the River of Stars.

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