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An Examination Of Trump.

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Worse, trump is a low functioning psychopath, they tend not to do very well for themselves. People think Trump is successful, in some ways he has been but in a lot of many ways he wasn't. Given the right circumstances, a low functioning psychopath came into money courtesy of his father and here and there more than a few business went bankrupt. He seems to appeal to the lowest class of individuals in america, he's the idea of what a poor man's rich man should be.


Well, Trump is a multi billionaire and simultaneously President of the USA. Yeah, I think some people would consider that as successful. You don't think so?




He seems to appeal to the lowest class of individuals in america, he's the idea of what a poor man's rich man should be.



When you make a statement like that, you should back it up with some data, like this:


In terms of income among Trump supporters, you’ll find roughly equal numbers of high-income, middle-income and low-income voters. According to data from a national NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll conducted online from March 7 through March 13, the share of Trump supporters who make more than $100,000 per year is almost exactly the same as the share of Trump supporters who make less than $50,000 (and that’s true even when you just look at white Trump supporters). Trump gets just as much of his support from the richest Americans as he does from the poorest.



According to data from the same NBC News|SurveyMonkey Tracking Poll, Trump is currently the front-runner among every income and education group in the GOP. A plurality of every corner of the GOP is lined up behind him right now. In fact, he does best among very wealthy voters without college degrees, such as small business owners. 


It’s not just the less fortunate who are drawn to Trump’s message – the billionaire’s appeal is much wider within the GOP.



Or, do you mean something else when you say “lowest class”?


Do you care to clarify your meaning?

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The question is, What evidence? Jealous lefties often call him Racist: Have yet to see evidence for it. He's definatly against illegals, but that's not a race. He's talked widely about cad culture, cu

Just out of curiosity, Monty, do you, by any kind of wild-azz coincidence, just happen to be of the communist persuasion?

The only answer I need provide for all your loaded questions is:   The odds of Trump being a racist are very high because of other racist remarks and racist actions we can attribute to him. Why do you

Well, Trump is a multi billionaire and simultaneously President of the USA. Yeah, I think some people would consider that as successful. You don't think so?




No, I don't, it takes a lot more than that to impress me... well, the only thing about it that impresses me is that someone was able to top Bush for idiocy. It's joked now that anyone can become president. What exactly did he do that made him deserve that post? He is nothing but a demagogue and that to me isn't a moral success. It certainly doesn't reflect any real reasons why he should have been president.


But if you want to talk about facts, let's talk about all the lies he has managed to make up, such as windwills causing cancer. If you think he is successful, you are thinking about him in the wrong way. That so called success has lead to an antiscience movement and that is the opposite of success in my eyes. His approval ratings suck as well, not to mention his racist undertones and recent scandal involving concentration camps for young men.


Let's see if he is ''successful'' enough to win a second term.

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Welcome to America our leaders are crap something to do with free elections that gets stupid people into office by the votes of the IQ 100 masses, but I kinda like Trump to be honest though, he has done a lot for our nation than other presidents which isn't say much considering Bush and Obama were the two previous leaders. The only reason these morons stay in power is because our military keeps them there and secret service living in the united states is like living in a police state like china, all the news on T.V. is being programmed to keep you distracted from the real issues and they never report on anything important like the Internet news stations, the police are always up your butt and harass you for no reason constantly and can take you to jail without reason basically, The Corporations and Big Business control everything to due with money besides what the government controls taxes, it is always "How do I screw the little guy"  I always wondered what the United States was like many years ago before it was like this, but our Military is powerful and honorable I hope someday this place gets overthrown into a military dictatorship I think it would be better atleast then the United States would get something done instead of fighting constantly between our democratic and Republican Parties for money of the tax payer so they can line their own pockets. Honestly, anyone that lives in the United States will tell you this at-least they can't arrest you for speech unless it is hostile yet and Everyone knows whos fault it is even the Military and Police the people in Washington,D.C. our political leaders are HORRIBLE!, but what is someone supposed to do, they have been controlling the world for 70 years almost and you can't do anything about it. Now the Military Leaders know their stuff thats why they should be in charge unlike our CEOs and Politicians.

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He did not win the popular vote, but he still won on an archaic system involving electoral. That to me is luck, and he did not deserve it.


Naw, his "luck" came mainly from the deliberate choices of Democrats, who thought that a running a dog of a candidate like Hillary Clinton couldn't miss.


They gave her complete control, and have lived to regret it.

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Yes, they really had no choice. But in 2020 their strategy seems to be "Send in the clowns"


Since all politicians seem to be cut from the same cloth, perhaps you should say "Send in the Clones"?  I plan on "throwing away my vote" yet again in 2020 on a third party candidate.  Protest votes seem to be my only recourse in this environment.  It reminds me of a Futurama episode with a political debate between John Jackson and Jack Johnson.  There are some very subtle tidbits in the video.  Sorry about the poor quality as it appears someone used a camera phone to record it off of a TV.



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