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I thought this article about new genetic engineering to be interesting about Half human and Half animal chimera.








I wonder if they will make Cat and Dog humans.......


Orginal Wiki about Genejacks and Viral nanorobotics = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Nanorobotics#Virus-based

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Well from what I understand they have already done it so someone had to have allowed it. They created these embryos in the lab which exist probably in storage that are half human and half animal. I will see how this pans out if they allow it I will make a Half Human and Half Dog embryo. I just want to keep it as a pet or as a daughter if it is human enough, they will ask me in school which is your daughter..... the one with cat or dog ears, I made her that way, she will hear things from miles away. Could you imagine the superhuman hearing of having dog or cat ears?



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Maybe not 100%, I understand organ transplants from genetically modified pigs might be on the cards. A Pigs DNA is pretty close to being human.




I saw that article.  I found it ironic that many people waiting for a heart transplant were on the list because of pork and are now hoping for pork to save them.

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