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Imagine a world in which every life that can be: is.   A world in which no life is ever wasted.  That is, every seed becomes a plant.  A world in which life and spatial dimensions are coupled - that is the space for a living being is built into its seed.  When you were born you would inherit the living space you will need for life.   The universe is large enough to hold all that life that could ever be.  Why not couple life and space together?   Surely in an infinite number of universes, this could be a possibility. 

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With the universe completely filled with life, what would things eat?  Some life would be lost to be food for other life-  no?

Simply put, plant "food" is sunlight.  Plants then go on to produce food in the form of fruit and leaves for all the animals.  If an animal eats a piece of fruit the fruit does not die nor does the tree die. In fact, picking fruit and planting its seeds creates new life.  

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