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Zionism is anti-racist belief, by definition. We rebelled against racist antisemitism of Hitler. Here in Israel came Jews of all possible races, from Europeans to Ethiopians (blacks). Israeli Arabs seem quite medium among bitty Jews. In our everyday life Jews and Arabs communicate quite friendly. All You see through media reports is staged. Palestine is one giant theater. They delude entire World, and get money for their performance. The World must learn coexistence from Israelis. 


Israel was forced to build the Protective Fence because of Palestinian terror. Before fence was emerged, the Palestinian terrorists broke into Israeli towns and shot unarmed people freely. Both HAMAS and FATAH terrorist cells were busy with this mass murder. The Gaza "blockade" aims to prevent rockets and heavy weapons from being delivered to Gaza and West Bank. Otherwise, the Palestinians will exterminate us just like Hitler did.


Zionism is just a quintessence of Judaism. The only significant difference between Christianity and Judaism is that Christianity turned former ethnic Judaism universal (international) religion, while Judaism stayed national religion. Judaism placed Zion and Jerusalem at the center of Jewish spirit. Jewish Zionism never interrupted, while Christian Zionism stopped after Crusades. Jews re-settled to the Land of Israel in the course of last 2500 years. Let learn Bible, Ezra and Nehemiah book. Let learn the history of medieval Zionism. Maimonides arrived to Jerusalem disguised as Muslim. Nahmanides arrived to the Holy Land to die here. Recently I visited Beit Shearim necropolis near Haifa.  Jews from Roman empire and from Arabia arrived there to die and to be buried at the Land of Israel. «Anti-Zionist Jew» sounds like «Religious Atheist».


These Jews who arrived to Israel were and are Zionists. Those Jews who betrayed Israel, are Jewish traitors. Just like George Soros, or Jewish policemen in ghettos, or Jewish BDS members, or Israel Shamir. Unfortunately, such traitors are numerous.



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