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Gr Energy-Stress Tensor "curvature" As Strings

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Today I would like to explore what the Energy-Stress Tensor would look like as a Set of String Equations.





First we will start with T00 transforming it into a string equation which  the Electric and Magnetic field which is in the form of a energy equation so the term EEB = 1/2(EE2 + (1/u0) B2) is true for the energy of a electromagnetic String thus

EEB  =  (1/2)MRest MassωEBAEB2


the string form of T00 =  (1/2)MRest MassωEBAEB2


Next for T10 to T13 and T01 to T31  Which are (SL/C) being the form t = SL/C  solving for S = t/C, making the String Form

(T10 to T13 and T01 to T31) = (1/2)k(tL/C) which is the String form of all the SL/C values of the tensor with their respected direction being the L Term.


Something interesting about this is T00 can actually sub for EEB  in the T10 to T13 and T01 to T31 Terms being the solution for both in the form a new equation can be made combining T00 with  T10 to T13 and T01 to T31  making the equation. 

(1/2)MRest MassωEBAEB2  (1/2)k(tL/C) solving for k = (tL/C)MRest MassωEBAEB


The Final Solutions for this tensor in string form  for T11 to T33 which are in pressure on direction from the curvature of Electromagnetism which can be put into string form using the Equation F/dL= E/dL  making all terms

-ϱLL = -(1/2)MRest MassωLLALL/ dL3



This Generates a Uniform Energy Stress tensor in String Equation form being constructed of three very simplier equations with nearly the same dependence elements being A and ω.



Showing that the Energy-Stress upon Space causing gravity is directly caused by the Energy-Stress caused by electromagnetism in this tensor.


EEB -ϱLLdL3 = 0


Which according to the Energy-Stress tensor all "Rest Mass" is a function of the electromagnetic Dimension in space doing work on the space as it compresses and thus gravity which I think should be expanded to say.


EEB + ESNF + EWNF  ϱLLdL= 0 

to be a complete term, now saying that all Curled Dimensions of Space's Energy generate "Rest Mass" and thus gravity as they compress in the form.


(1/2)MRest Mass Electromagnetic ωEBAEB2  (1/2)MRest Mass Nucleonic ωSNFASNF2(1/2)MRest Mass Decay ωWNFAWNF2  - (1/2)MRest MassωLLALL = 0

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