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Oh for sure. 100%. Not always because of of classified for securety clearances, but more often cause it's classified in an obtuse way. Unsure where you want to go with this, but if you mean more tech that would be useful if more widely disseminated...I can think of a couple things offhand.

Resonant Cavity Telecom, certain crypto, certain projectiles, betavoltaics (got to get around to building one for a cabin someday), ultracaps (array or not IDC), Fe-Al batteries...quite few things really.

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so you two think that only minor advances are classified, interesting, I dunno I just wanted to see what people thought was classified, but if you know about it doesn't that hint that it isn't classified? I think that they hide quite a bit more information then you would give them credit for. When I think about classified technology, I always think of the story that my grandfather which was a Master Tech Sarg Grade Five told me about Superconducting computers back in the 70s which was obvious attempts at a Quantum computer 40 years ago. It would not surprise me today if they didn't have a wormhole device with the information we have about Quantum teleportation, I have always looked for information relating to that subject but have never found anything outside two times and a third which I tend to think is another civilization doing it, Philadelphia project and CERN projects by humans. There are rumors that two experiments conducted may have generated a wormhole or teleportation of matter dealing with those two areas, I would love to know if that is true or just empty rumors. I always think of this picture with the CERN rumor. it has the correct geometry for a wormhole, which was over CERN in the year 2015.




Then always the Philadelphia project.



Here is another one this time generated from a Unknown source, possibly humans.... possibly alien origin which I tend to think it was aliens that did this one judging from the size of it.




So, about things like Wormholes and teleportation, it remains inconclusive whether they do have the ability to do it or possibly other civilizations.

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Classified for sure, in research center from any army in any country has those and some might be waay more advanced than we imagined. 

 which types of technology do you imply?

but with more curiosity,I really the keyword queries : WHY ? and HOW?


the first one would probbaly be easier but again i believe that it is important.


and HOW? 


do you think that some journals are cheating some scientists?


for instance they might reject any paper without explanation (generally is already being done so!) but why they reject? for instance might they have some covered  aims at the background?



and I wonder one more query:


all of us would publish with sci indexed journals ,especially the journals have wide IF and popular.


but why there is no any other way to contribute science??

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