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Anti-Semitism, which includes anti-Zionism, is (and always was) a tool of politics. Hitler wasn’t genius but cretin, a creature of tycoons. Modern «New anti-Semitism» = anti-Zionism was created by tycoons (including Jewish tycoons), too.  Jewish tycoons have «separated» anti-Zionism from «regular» anti-Semitism. They defend themselves from «regular» anti-Semitism by giving up Israel. This is confirmed by anti-Zionist policies of the World Jewish Congress (Ron Lauder), of the Anti-Defamation league, which doesn't fight anti-Zionism, of George Soros etc.

The Left only gives moral legacy to «elites» whose «realpolitic» is to destroy Israel. The demand to expel all Jews from the West Bank Palestine and to make Palestine racially clean, disables peace efforts. It gives pretext for anti-Israel sanctions and for keeping pro-Islamist and pro-Iran policy. Whole Left anti-Zionist stance is a Big Betrayal of the original Left idea. American Left betrayed Martin Luther King on behalf of Farrahan.

Arafat killed Israeli Left politically yet before Yigal Amir assassinated Rabin. Arafat «consumed» this killing in 2001 by launching Intifada. Now, the tycoons use the Palestinian Cause to destroy whole World Left, just like 100 years ago they succeeded to destroy Left due to Hitler's anti-Semitism.



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