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Note that all flash products are shipped wet with water.


Mix the nitrating acid mixture cold. Soak the paper/absorbant cotton/cotton cloth in a beaker of the stuff cold - in an ice bath. Soak time determines degree of nitration. Cellulose in acid is fragile. Wash in a beaker of cold water, wash in a barker of sodium bicarbonate solution (optional; no fizz means you're done), wash in water, wash in water, dry. Avoid exposure to light.


Nitrocellulose is exceedingly flammable. Depending on the degree of nitration it will burn vigorously, flash, or explode. NEVER confine the stuff when you set it off. A little firecracker in your open palm goes POP! If you make fist around it you will lose fingers.

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To re-iterate. I personally know two boys that broke into a chemistry lab to play. When they mixed these same two acids improperly the whole lab was blown apart leaving one of them dead and the other in critical condition. It only took a the splash of one acid hitting the other, with both at room temperature, to ignite the whole lot then boom.

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Interesting. Anywhere else not web based? Maybe a store? j/w

Thanks c1ay.



Well, there are chemical supply businesses in most major cities and most of them are probably have websites now so I don't know how many of them are no longer "web-based" :hyper:


I don't think it would do much good for me to look one up for you like "Scholle Corp." unless you happen to live somewhere near College Park, GA. If you're looking for a brick-and-mortar store you might try searching for "chemical supply" in Google Local. Just add your zip code to find places near you.


You may find the powdered magnesium hard to find. Many forms of it are also a hazmat material that require higher shipping fees.

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I am a magician for those who didn't know. And I was wondering if anyone knew hwo to make Flash Paper.



at this very moment, i am not sure

why i am doing THIS.


clay...dont ignore my future

communication...probably this week


:) :) :) :) :eek: :)

hey magician, i see real




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