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Creating designer creatures to help the environment


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should man, with the knowledge of dna and fundamental chemical life processes of the world animals living and dead undertake the work of god and create new organisms to further his betterment?



the ocean is full of hydrogen in its water and in massive methane deposits, what if man was to design an animal capable of diving all the way down to those methane deposits, bite off a chunk metabolizing it with the power of the sun into pure hydrogen gas. creating a substance rich in hydrogen that could be used to fuel the north American hydrogen economy?


if that animal was not intelligent, something between a plant with the body of a whale and the ice worm creatures currently eating those deposits, who’s migration patterns had it drifting leisurely around the golf of mexico while it fermented hydrogen in its blimp like belly, and swam around the ocean eating designer krill that preyed upon designer zooplankton that fed upon designer plakton to building reserve of energy before floating around the atmosphere.




(this is just an example) of a food chain able to fill a niche while being a threat to no one, and being a source of a very important resource to humans.


like chickens such an animal would be used as a natural resource, but unlike chickens it could roam free, only when it was full if hydrogen rich compounds would humans get involved to harvest those compounds.



other animals could be worm like creatures that burrow into the ground to mine the earth mineral wealth. could an animal be created that could chomp on uranium and plutonium isotopes refining them then surfacing for harvest?


or if an animal could be created that could metabolize our atomic wastes? Instead of packing them into mountains engineered animals could break them down even further making nuclear energy even more efficient. With china on the verge of a pebble bed revolution having an organic solution to the nuclear waste problem now would make the decision of rekindling the nuclear furnaces a question of logistics rather than a moral issue.


also, for the hydrogen animals, what if they breathed in carbon dioxide and cleaned up the atmosphere?


or sligs from Herbert’s dune? animals able to digest solid wastes and sewage? not that anyone would eat such an animal their use to us would be incalculable.


lol.. also


what if man figured out how to create a jet engine type quantum leap in lifter technology?


something like using difused ultra violet laser light to ionize air much better than little wires, then creating high energy negatively charged funnels to shove the ionized air through at ramjet like speeds creating immense amounts of lift?


the power to weight ratio boost being enough to power mollers vision of a national skyway system filled with skycars? bye bye internal combustion engine, hello 10 minute commute.


the danger of such technology is that ionized exhaust is carcinogenic, what if pigeons and misquitos were engineered to absorb those ions and neutralize them?


or if we could engineer microbiotic life to search out those cancers and eat them before they become trouble?


could we thus make those pests into mans best friend? look out fido, your days are numbered.

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