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To worship god for gain's sake is to worship gain, not god.   Anonymous (One after my heart)

Hold my beer - watch this!   - Boerseun's mate, just prior to writing off his car.

Everyone is born with a limited amount of time. Every moment we live-whether we're working, playing, complaining or being thankful is time that we have spent. Nothing is more valuable than the time we

Okay... I'm sorry... I have to :). At first I couldn't stand this show (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) but as I continued to stay up later in the night I began to enjoy the cartoon. Plus the dry delivery of sarcasm is just my style :D. I love it.


So, here are some quotes from ATHF ;):


Carl: Look, all I know is that this cord was plugged into my house and your house was glowing like the freakin' sun. So, I put two and two together there and decided that you're pissing me off.

Master Shake: Oh, we are so sorry, Carl. And it will probably never happen again. Can we have our cord back?

Carl: No, no. I'll just keep it there since it's uh, mine anyways.

(In this episode Shake was paranoid about vampires and had several spotlights in the house to "ward them off", he was drawing power from Carl's home with his cord as well :D.)


[looking at porn]

Err: Oh man, you gotta check this out.

Meatwad: Oh yeah baby, that's a neat car she's washing. You think that's a straight 6?

Err: I think I have a straight 6.

Ignignokt: Ooooo. Err, your sexual innuendo is priceless.

(Speaks for itself)


the Aqua Teens have been visited by a robotic turkey from the future]

Frylock: I think he's crazy.

Master Shake: No, I really think he's from the year 9595!

Meatwad: Yeah, me too.

Master Shake: Did you listen to his story?

Meatwad: I did. And it checks out.

(I love Meatwad ;).)

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Now I have somewhere to put my second hand, excellent, hardly used quotes.

It seems as hame to just discard them and I do so tire of them quickly.


I warn you I am a quote fanatic. Fortunately ( for you) my Mac, with my vast quote library, is on the blink.

to start

"Every thing that is in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, is penetrated by connectiveness, penetrated with relatedness"

Hildergard von Bingen

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"i accell in both content and deliverance, so let's put on our classics and have a little dance, shall we?" -The Streets, Let's push things forward.


There are two kinds of scientific progress: the methodical experimentation and categorization which gradually extend the boundaries of knowledge, and the revolutionary leap of genius which redefines and transcends those boundaries. Acknowledging our debt to the former, we yearn nonetheless for the latter.


-Academician Prokhor Zakharov

"Address to the Faculty"

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