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1000X Neutron Bomb Planet Killer Device

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I was watching some old SCI FI Babylon 5 and I was watching a Shadow Planet Killer device and wondered if it could be constructed in real life of Hydrogen Bombs or Neutron Bombs.




Blast Yeilds of Weapon Missile used for Planet Killer Multi Device. 




Hydrogen Bomb Blueprint 13.5 to 25 Megaton.





Trident Multi Warhead Device.




W88 Neutron Bomb 50 Megatons Warhead



All you would need is a casing that launches Multiple Trident warheads until 1000 standard 50 Megaton devices was launched which would make 5.0 Gigatons of blast all over a planet.




Launch one of these @ 99% of C, accelerating 0 to 300,000,000 M/s in (100/300,000,000) = 3,000,000 Seconds with an acceleration of 100 M/s^2



Here is another Sci Fi show that shows Warp Drive or Faster than the speed of light Antimatter or Nuclear Weaponry in Swarms or many functions.





Which near the speed of light would require E(dx/dt,dy/dt,dz/dt)= MC(1-(V2/c2))1/2 dt Joules to accelerate to V = .99(Speed of Light)



The Total Number of these devices that the human species has is 23 based on the number of 23,000 Total Atomic Warheads from 1 MT to 50 MT.


Shadow Death Cloud





5 Gigaton Antimatter warhead, The Single Warhead Version of the device that destroys a planet, which is about 400 Billion dollars versus for the nuclear version about 1 Billion dollars which is multiple warheads assuming 2 Billion dollars per 25 Megatons of antimatter versus 1 Million dollars per nuclear  Fusion warhead.


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I wanted to continue to show the new nuclear devices constructed by the Military in 2017 and 2018, in 2017 the first Antimatter bomb was detonated and in 2018 the nuclear Gravity bomb, which could be used in series to make the Planet Killing device rather than the older warheads designs such as the Neutron bomb or W88 nuclear warhead.



Positron Anti-Matter Bomb (2017)



Nuclear Gravity Bomb (2018)



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