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What's Up With Gravity And Spacetime Curvature?

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What exactly are "the facts of relativity," as you see it, eh, Ralf?


I see SR as a hypothetical theory which does not, as such, establish any facts.  As a theory, it just serves to "explain" facts external to it to a better or worse degree.

Moronium, just sneaking in a related point, that of your insistence that the Lorentz transform is a valid principal in Physics.

Just found this article that offers a reward to anyone who can disprove the claim that the Lorentz transform violates the well known Conservation of momentum theory.


See https://sites.google.com/view/physics-news/home/challenge


Pick up the cash and silence critics of Lorentz such as myself, in one blow!

Surely its a golden opportunity for you!

I'll wait patiently.

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Eh, that trampoline bendy bit is a decent visualization. You can also think of it as concentric shells of stiffer and softer jello-o slowing down things closer to barycenter more because it's "thicker

Why is it, I wonder, Chem, that you never have a single word of substance to say about SR?  When I make a claim about it that you don't accept, or don't want to accept, why is it that you can never se

This thread, so far:  

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