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My ID is petrushkagoogol and the topic in Lounge is "On the lighter side".


When the page loaded it was showing 498 posts underneath my profile picture.


I submitted a response and the profile picture in the topic region was showing 498 posts, while that adjacent the latest response 499.


This is a blooper and should be addressed asap.  :sherlock:

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Most fora I'm on have some sort of "Lounge" section. In these sections, posts do not count toward your total.


Presumably, this is to prevent members from wracking up their post counts without contributing to the primarily scientific parts of the site. But, whatever the rationale, it's set that way deliberately.


If I understand your concern correctly, then that is certainly the reason for it.



Oddly, one subforum missing here is a Feedback forum, where members can put suggestions, kudos, problems and complaints like this one. Normally, that's where this thread should be posted, and would usually get seen right away by moderators, instead of having to post it in the Comp-Tech forum and wait three weeks for some member to come along and notice it.

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We do! :cheer:


It's called "Feedback to Hypography" and it's the very last thing in the Forums list:




Ask and ye shall find, :phones:



Ah! Missed that. Was looking for a forum rather than a subforum.



Maybe all these posts in Comp/Tech should be moved there, so others can benefit.

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