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Breakthroughs In The Next 50 Years Which Will Increase Our Life Quality Dramatically

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I am always curious about the future. How will things evolve? How much fun and opportunities will arise?

Specially in technology, everything is improving so fast!

I have been thinking about it and i will tell you the most important breakthroughs that are highly probable to happen (they are my life goals too) for the next 50 years (and how they relate to technology).


1 — Quantum Computing


I always hated being limited by classic physics (one of my greatest fears). Quantum theories have expanded the horizons a lot. One of its greatest practical uses is computing.

It’s so fascinating how the universe is way more dynamic than we ever thought, there is so much more potential for the human race to evolve because quantum physics let’s us exploit and control the universe more widely. We may be able to engineer teleport!!, or build a computing chipmuch more powerful! or even time travel (!??)


2 — Unified Physics theory





Quantum theory gave us a big chunk of pieces which we yet need to fit on current ones. Double lift experiment was a big opening to understanding the core mechanisms of the universe.

I have been trying to unify every chemistry and physics theory into one since my high school. Many things have been working out, so i am so confident that we will have theory of everything within 50 years (please contact me if you want to know more about this).

3 — Super-Intelligence





This is huge project. It presents many challenges, specially risks.

AI (neural networks etc…) create a representation from the data given to it. It’s like a physician creating a theory from his experiments, and using it to predict next experiment. We can use this to know more about the universe (maybe help us create the theory of everything).

The problems we need to solve first are: integrate human beneficial goalsand morals into AI; And after AI evolved to super-intelligence, morals and goals are still preserved.

Quantum hardware could tag along with super-intelligence too, wideningthe software limits.


4 — Consciousness





Understanding what is a conscious is the most important thing ever!

It makes us understand who we are (our purest identity). We would finally have the answers to “what is life”!! And even more exciting, we would be able to make teleportation and upload our minds to robots without losing your self-awareness.

It will be a big step on human civilization to know what consciousness is.


5 — Educational System





I hope i don’t offend anyone but… most of the school institutions suck. It’s such a old method of learning. School kills so many talent and genius…

Students need more attention and support, so that they feel inspired to learn and achieve their career goals (the current teacher’s orientation and methodologies are so bad).

AI will play a big factor in education. Also simulated VR worlds and holographic tech will give kids more experiences.

School methodologies need to change from: “what boring things were done” to “what is inspiring to do”. Also evaluating kids with numbers, pressuresthem a lot, and it’s so destructive for them.

It’s rare to find a person who knows how to study. Seems to ridiculous, because it is so basic, and not even teachers know how to read/study. People read so slow, in average 250 word per minute (wpm). I made a photographic reading course some time ago, and now i read at 2000 wpm (still increasing), and comprehension of what i read is higher too (i am confident we will expand this course to next generations. If you are interested, please contact me).


6 — Medicine understanding





There are so many things missing from medicine perspective. Many Pathologies we don’t know how to treat and are not efficiently well treated, many other problems that arrive because we don’t know how to engineer solutions to control how our bodies functions…

Starting from physics, we don’t have a theory of everything yet, which make it difficult to predict atoms behaviors and also difficult to scale it up to chemistry and biology (so we can’t understand the big picture of our biology yet). DNA is still not totally manipulable, and 99% is unknown to us.

To solve these problems, advancements on image processing, nanotechnology, molecular sensors and AI are extremely needed.


— — — — — — — — — — —


The future looks promising. So many technology advancements will make our lives more meaningful and fun.

Please let me know about other future tech, if you may want to share. Thank you.

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Will humanity even last another  50 years?  It seems for all our increasing knowledge, our stupidity is increasing faster.  The internet was supposed to spread enlightenment, but instead spreads more dirty jokes bad ideas and memes.  When you give a fool an education, he (or she) will still be a fool, only armed with enough knowledge to spread the foolishness farther and faster.

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I'm the first to yell get off my lawn to these young whippersnappers, but I don't know that it's accurate to claim that "our stupidity" is increasing.  There is a lot of trash to be found on the internet, to be sure, and access to this trash is more easy because of the internet.  But, the obverse is also true.  I have learned quite a bit through interactions with individuals that would have been completely impossible prior to the internet.  My data point of one can't be unique, but it does contradict your claim.  Do you have any evidence to support your claim, or is it just the same gripe that every generation has made about the generation that follows it?


"The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise."

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There are many future timeline websites that try to take an educated guestimate of what the future holds. I also came across a few future websites associated with clubs a few month's ago, but I can't seem to find them now. If you type in "future timelines" into your search engine there is a lot information on the subject.


I spend a lot of time thinking about the far future. I tell my kids that they will see amazing changes in their lifetime. {if we survive long enough} What sets apart the latest revolution {technology} from other ages is humanity's growth of the information. Not just the information we now have, but it is showing us how much data we didn't know we were missing. Even the pioneers of computers couldn't foresee all the information, usage, and apps now available. It also shows mankind's ingenuity to exploit this technology.  








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  Do you have any evidence to support your claim, or is it just the same gripe that every generation has made about the generation that follows it?


"The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise."

My evidence is admittedly mostly anecdotal and experiential, and it's not just the next generation, but my own!  The grain company has been having a heck of a time hiring new drivers because my state legalized recreational marijuana, and now many of the new applicants are failing mandatory drug tests  , and I have been hearing that it is affecting nearly all trucking businesses.  I have also been hearing a lot about people quitting jobs without giving notice.  They just decide to stop showing up for work!  Our dairy equipment dealer is a one man business, and a while back he hired and trained a guy he was paying quite well, and the guy just decided he didn't want to work more than 30 hours per week or work weekends or evenings, so he quit without notice.  That guy was in his forties.  No one I know has ever seen anything like this before on such a scale. 


As for the stupidity, that just seems to be all over the internet.  The things people are willing to believe are incredible, and when you try to point them to the truth, they just reject it out of hand. I have never been so frustrated. 

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All I can say is remember the Maine.  I will not dispute that our news is a trainwreck that seems more concerned with comedians speaking truth to power than white house members blatantly lying to reporters.  My claim is that we aren't measurably worse than we were before.  And I defy anyone to show this claim to be wrong.


I will not argue against the illegality of DUI.  However, if you live in a state with legal marijuana, it's kinda stupid to piss test employees like trucking businesses are required to.  I know for a fact that if I was required to take a test that showed if I consumed alcohol in the last 30 days in order to prove that I wasn't currently drunk, I might have a problem with the job.  Otherwise, in my experience, employees are almost always worthless.  The pay I am able to provide for the labor I require is low.  And for this reason, when I find an employee that isn't flighty, I make every attempt to pay them enough to ensure that they don't take flight.

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  My claim is that we aren't measurably worse than we were before.  And I defy anyone to show this claim to be wrong.


Well, "worse" is a subjective concept, isn't it?


I am more concerned about the next 50 years than I was before as I watch farmland get turned into house lots faster than I have ever seen.  As we concentrate our food production into the control of fewer and fewer hands and our food supply has to travel longer distances, we become more vulnerable to disruptions in our food supply.  The recent e. coli outbreak in lettuce is an example of how things can go much worse than they otherwise would have been.  I also recall a herd of dairy cows that got mostly wiped out by an illness.  They only had three hundred cows, but imagine a same illness striking a herd of 10,000 cows, and how much larger the disaster becomes.

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Yeah, it's a subjective claim, but the claim that we're all a bunch of idiots thanks to the internet is also subjective.  What I asked for is some measurable support for the claim other than that these gd kids are stupid.  Measurable tests show that these kids aren't as stupid as we were at their age.  Measurable tests show that we produce more food on less land than we did previously.  Measurable tests show that violence is decreasing.


If you want to start a discussion about the very real problems of factory farming, especially when it concerns farm animals, then I am all for it.  We are destroying our ability to fight infections because we routinely prophylactically use antibiotics to prevent animals from getting sick because we raise them in environments that promote sickness.  This is a very real problem, but I don't think this is a problem that will prevent humanity's existence in fifty years.


The recent e coli outbreak is not a new occurrence.  What is new is that we are able to rapidly identify the source of the problem and prevent further sickness.

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