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Non-Recognition Of Israel And Recognition Of Palestine

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General Assembly of the United Nations adopted in November 1947 a decision on the partition (of western part) of Palestine. The Zionists adopted this decision and six months later, after the withdrawal of the British occupation forces and authorities, proclaimed the State of Israel.

The Palestinians did not agree to the partition at all, they demanded a Palestinian  state all over Palestine territory, and involved all the then existing Arab states in their conflict with the Jews. The superpowers and the British colonial empire, which collapsed, but tried to cling to the remnants of its former power,  also interfered in the conflict. British empire, through its agents among the Arabs, not only ignited, but also participated Israeli-Arab conflict, on the side of the Arabs and Palestinians. As a result, the Arab part of (western) Palestine was divided between Israel, Jordan (that is Eastern Palestine) and Egypt.

The Oslo Accords confirmed the partition of (western) Palestine. In practice, the state of Palestine does exist since the time of Oslo. Not Arabs and anti-Semites  who «supported» Palestine, but Israel has created in 1994 the state of Palestine. Non-recognition of this state doesn’t help Israel in any way.

Now we cannot expect that the Palestinians will go to the real peace talks, which Trump demands. It seems, they  reckon  on Iran destroying Israel soon, with blessing and under the auspices of Russia.

Given these trends, Mahmoud Abbas voiced his non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist and actually moved to the position of Hamas. Now we have no other method to demonstrate our desire for peace, except to take unilateral steps, namely, to recognize the state of Palestine and to annex the zone «C». We must formally declare war on the independent Palestine, which is waging a destruction war against us, and, in fact, strengthen the occupation and other security measures. And of course, prepare to repel  Iranian aggression. It is known that the best way to defend is an attack.

I have long been calling for the recognition of a Palestinian state in the West Bank (Zone A and :cool: and in Gaza, and for establishing a border between Israel and Palestine in accordance with the Oslo agreements. This means that Israel must annex the so-called «Zone C», in which all Jewish cities and villages of Judea and Samaria are located, along with a large Arab population. Israel has the right to annex this zone under Oslo agreements.

By the way, this idea is promoted by the «Jewish Home» party headed by Naftali Bennet. This party is considered rightwing and nationalistic, but in my opinion, all the labels in Israel , in general, serve only pre-election propaganda. What is important, is the essence of the proposal. In fact, such a decision would mean Israel’s implementation of the Oslo Accords. I hope it will be accepted by both the right and the center and the left forces of Israel.

But such a decision presupposes, in particular, that ALL residents of zone «C» (Judea and Samaria) should get the right to become citizens of Israel, with all the ensuing consequences. Moreover, the Arabs, who are today citizens of Palestine and live in the Zone «C» (Judea and Samaria), should be given the opportunity to have dual citizenship.

Of course, such a decision will create additional security threats, which must be met with strengthened control measures. Border checkpoints will have to be preserved and used to verification of all citizens, regardless of nationality, as it is done before boarding a plane. Thus, the equality of all citizens will be respected.

Ultimately, the annexation of zone «C» should become an incentive that will induce the Palestinian people to desire peace. Indeed, their present situation is quite acceptable. They are de facto independent, and at the same time formally considered victims of Israeli aggression. Israel maintains the order, preventing a civil war between Fatah and Hamas, at the expense of the lives and humiliation of Israeli soldiers. The Palestinians live at the expense of foreign aid and still hope for the destruction of Israel at the hands of anti-Semitic powers. For what do they need «peace» or some kind of agreement with Israel?

At the same time, we must leave the open door for negotiation and peace. The Oslo border will be temporary. If the Palestinians want to change this border to their own advantage, they must stop their participation in anti-Semitic aggression against Israel, and agree to mutually acceptable terms of peace. There can be no transfer of the Jewish population from Judea and Samaria. A mutually acceptable solution to the Jewish settlement problem has been known for a long time: it is the “land swap”.

Another obligatory condition is the elimination of Hamas, or vice versa, its participation in the negotiations and in the signing of the treaty. We cannot sign any document with the government of Palestine, which does not control its people. Of course, this demand further delays the «final» decision, but this is because of there are no conditions for peace today. Trump will have to wait with the «final» solution, such is our “realpolitik”.

Recognizing Palestine by Israel will make it easier for our Arab partners to cooperate with the Jewish state, and this is what Trump really wants. It is worth explaining to the Arabs that not only Hamas, but also Mahmoud Abbas, play along with Iran interest, harming his Arab brothers.

In general, the most urgent task is to prevent or to repel Iran’s aggression. Before doing that, the Palestinians will not go to any negotiations with Israel. There is a direct link between Iran’s aggression and the behaviour of the Palestinians. We must explain this truth to Trump and to the Arabs.

The recognition of Palestine by Israel, along with the preservation of occupation, will help break the vicious circle, and lead the Middle East out of the impasse, without jeopardizing  Israel.




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