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I just wanted to share this idea with other people who may be interested:


I watched a PBS Space Time episode about the speed of light more accurately described as the speed of causality. 


And I Submit! That "time" is simply a interaction between atoms.


And though an interaction can be reversed, it can never be undone (it has already happened)


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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Time is a diverse word. It has several forms of application. I don't have time to get into all of them, but I can tell you this.

Time is a single direction when dealing with Time the dimension. There are a few reasons for this. In order for an event to be observed (or measured) it must be recorded in some manner. You can record it on film, digitally, or your brains memory. This recording creates a timeline. The timeline has two ends, start and finish. You cannot reverse the timeline. If you try to reverse the timeline you are creating paradoxes in how the event behaves, and keep in mind you will have to record the measurement of reversing the first timeline, and that second measurement creates a second one directional timeline.

When you have no ability to record or memorize an event you are left with no conception of time. Evidence shows you can only experience states of energy in your subjective view, much like a TV set displays a program from a signal. However, even in this state, events flow in a direction, you just can't sense which direction it is.

Time goes from A to B. In classical physics, it never goes from B to A. You don't become younger, you get older as "time" goes on. Of course you can improve your health to become theoretically younger, but, eventually, this will only be a momentary change that will be overcome with aging again.

Time is measured by a system. It is measured either by cycles, velocities, frequencies or binary systems. Essentially they are all forms of change which, when set as the standard, all other changes are compared to.

You have to understand also that the universe has different layers of reality. Each layer has its own rules and consequences. Time works differently at each layer. However, time and change are intrinsically linked. And because everything is always changing time if always flowing.

Some levels have been shown to be able to move in the reverse direction of time flow. Experiments show that a measurement taken at a certain point on a particles path can effect the past and change the future. In other words, the measurement causes the particle to change its timeline, which suggests it moved into the past.

There may be other explanations to this kind of experiment but the mathematics allows it.

Not all layers can do this. Only specific types.

Time is an interesting subject.

When you look at the stars, your observing the past in respect to the universe, but it is also creating your future in respect to what you seen next. So in this situation the past is creating the future. Spoken language gets confusing in these situations. However, mathematically speaking, you can show that the negative values can change the positive values and positive values can change negative values. So time can flow in two directions, which are inwards and outwards.

There are more applications of time. However, I'll wait to see if you (or anyone else) reply and want to go into this further.

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I understand what is meant by the speed of light being the speed of causality, but first we will need to transfer to a different set of units to fully explain how this effects time travel, but first to start off with we will be using planck units which are Universe Units and not man made units such as Metric Units, they explains the units as a set of Universal constants and not as functions of 1 to 1 ratio, which can be transformed into Metric units with a ratio. 




Now a Planck length and Planck time are very small units made from Constants such as Speed of Light, Planck's Constant, and other physical constants but a plank length is the size of a String or a single point of space, p/tp = C, meaning that in one Planck Time you can travel if moving at the speed of light one String Length or Planck Length, this is very important to note as these units are based upon relationships such as that, which they are the smallest units possible Planck Length and Plank Time. 




This can be looked upon another way, moving at C for 299,792,458 Planck Time units will allow you the move the distance of a string, which tells you this a time based approached, We will begin defining Distance in units of time and Speed not Distance. Now in Special Relativity Length contraction is defined as the below equation




This basically says, as you increase in Velocity defined as Meters per Second, The Length of the reference frame, will decrease in size from an observer's frame of reference, but if you look at this from the Planck's scale something slightly different  if p / tp = C then how is velocity defined by the Universe? Well it is defined p / ∇ * tp = C, which basically says that Velocity is not effecting the Size but rather how much time passes in the reference frame as you can only move the max length of a string which is the smallest possible in tp. This means that Length cannot change but time has to as p / tp * C = , So we need to rather explain the passage of time, which is defined as Time Dilation.




This shows that the rate of time for an object gets longer to an Observer as the object increases in velocity, So the possibility exists if traveling at a high enough rate of speed or near the speed of light to travel extremely fast into the future despite how much time is experienced for the object, but you may ask, where is that time going? The people in the object would moving in slow motion as compared to the people in the universe. Well, that Time is going toward displacement of the object. remember we defined p/tp * C = ∇ as Velocity or Displacement per Second, but this is not necessarily the case this is rather the measurement of change upon 3-D Temporal manifold which is unit-less.




It seems you can either move in space at max speed or time at max speed but not both at the same moment or your time is being consumed by Temporal Displacement, which is why the outside world seems to be moving around you so fast. This being increased travel rate into the future, Time Travel. Now lets put a velocity that is faster than a Planck's length or string length per Time Plank. You get a negative root which is Undefined or an paradox, which does certainty say that our universe does not define an displacement, that is backward in time making time travel backward as the title suggests "Impossible". It seems that time cannot flow faster than 299,792,458 Planck Times, this is not the speed of Light but rather the speed of Temporal Expansion changing one string's Conditions in that period of time in 299,792,458 different possible ways. Did they have it backward all this time? Time rate changes Displacement rate, not Displacement rate changing time. The Object moves against the flow of time with velocity in a direction of space, the "Lag" of time movement makes the object move in space not moving at the speed of time rather using its time to change the string's structure, compressing it.




I do want to say at the end, that logically you can define what moving faster than the Temporal Expansion rate would do, you would begin to move backward in time, reverse time travel, despite that it cannot be defined in math, one such theoretical particle in String Theory is the Tachyon moving always faster than light and backward in time.


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