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I'm going to do a wrap-up now of my theory and what my investigations of cosmology have led me to believe. It's also going to be my last post on cosmology and my ideas. 





Based on all the current models of significance in the theoretical world, I have came to some final conclusions about the universe at large. 


1). To follow the intrinsic rules of spatial symmetries, the universe is part of the full Poincare Group leading to a primordial universal rotation.


2) The rotation naturally leads to an intrinsic torsion field. 


3) It also leads to an intrinsic centrifugal force field which will replace inflation theories which are being heavily attacked right now in the academic community. 


4) A dynamical infusion of Friedmann cosmology with re-definitions of the thermodynamic law as expressed as a Gibbs equation may lead to an interpretation of the universe which had a pre-big bang all-matter liquid phase. 


5) The pre-big bang phase was a gas of degenerate Planck particles that underwent a phase transition from a liquid state to a vapor. The phase transition from all-matter liquid to radiation vapor states generated the expansion pushing the universe out of the dense Planck era. The pre-big bang phase would be gravity dominated only. As a universe expands, gravity weakens and electromagnetism dominates.





There has been a lot more study, equations and information of other types inbetween these five premises which create the foundation of my entire theory. Inflation needs to be scrapped, there are other solutions. It just so happens, when you extend the Poincare group to the Friedmann cosmology, it naturally creates the repulsion required to push the universe out the Planck era. Or at least, contributed to pushing it out which would be more accurate to say. 



The pre-big bang phase was a super cool static region that had to undergo some transition in the absence of electromagnetism: the phase transition occurs because of a change in the metric itself, not to do with the actual dynamics of any systems inside of it (which was an important realization made by my friend, prof. Matti Pitkanen, creator of the 40-year old extraordinary theory of Topological Geometrogenesis (or TGD). He also linked important to the Hagedorn temperature, which is something I am yet to investigate. )



My time writing about the Friedmann equation and my idea's about the origin of the universe is coming to an end here. I am getting tired now of venturing into this. I just wanted to plant a seed out there that could help a future scientist or someone aspiring to be similar to look at it and consider it and maybe take it forward to the next levels of hypothesis. I'll be concentrating now on other things, but I will be occasionally coming back to answer and reply to certain things. Hope you enjoyed my contributions!

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