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Is Space Zero Gravity (0 G)


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I'll take a Sanctus accidental typo over your intentional dribble any day. :smile2:

What I was explaining earlier is that what we misconceived as the vacuum energy might actually be pocket-universe of smaller matter expanding to adjust for a causal scale shift. This also explain the mechanism for dark energy. It is a 5th fundamental force of nature, we assume that the observer effect is the result of the wave function collapse. But If a wave is simply a particle breaking apart into smaller particles, so close that they're experiencing a different dimension of time (see. Doubly Special Relativity) than this 5th fundamental force comes into effect when matter breaks beneath the Planck length. This is the underlying concept of the Fractal Dust Model. It could be called the Fractal Force. These are fractal dimensions, we could be living in such fractal dimensions and living inside of an atom basically. 


What I mean is, how the sub-quantum 2.8 dimensional particles that compose a wave are the building blocks of particles, observable universes could be the building blocks of larger particles. It's a mind trip, everything, space, time, YOU, is made out of sub-quantum fractal dimensions, AKA The Virtual Particle.






In short, these regions of the unobserved universe are orbiting these regions pulled by a vaster region of emptiness save for ancient hypermassive black holes, evaporating to form new atoms as the electromagnetic clouds of the nucleus expand to become the galaxy clusters of the electron rings. This forms one of infinite colossal hyper-omega atomic structures.


I mean, could you imagine how large



See this thread. It's a Static Universe, or like a level 1 multiverse (in that is stretches out forever). It's non-discrete space time, time doesn't start nor end with a big bang or a big crunch. etc etc etc. If matter can only arrange itself in so many different ways, than eventually there's another sun, earth, and humanity just like us. That's the theory behind a level 1 multiverse. So if you go out far enough you might find Ancient Greece, you've essentially gone back in time. Neat, right? That's not the trippiest implication though. I'm going to let you imagine why I linked that again. 

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It's exponentially special relativity. Best way I can describe it to ya'll it seems is by drawing sloppy pics.


The Double Slit Experiment shows that when reflecting photons off the tracks of other photon beams the wave function of the original beam collapses after it goes through the double slit. Meaning that photons split and go way under the Planck length, and therefore way faster than light, and the Law of Exponentially Special Relativity comes into effect and the superluminal sub-Planckian particles that compose the photons you're sending to the tracks with other photons interact with them and the sub-Planck-scale gravity is so close that it effectively works faster than light to drag the original photon beam and prevent it from flying apart into a "wave". 


They try and trick you by giving you all the necessary information to come to this conclusion and then straight up lie to your face. There's no expansion, no big bang, no higher dimensions, just one universal Mandelbrot set, matter is infinite, and goes infinitely beneath the Planck scale. Atoms switch sides with each other, reverberating, by the same process that gives you the electromagnetic cloud of the early universe expanding into strings of galaxy clusters expanding into desolate evaporating hyper-massive black holes, these are what atoms actually are due to the law of Exponentially Special Relativity. As below, so above, and beyond. 







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Can't compare to triple secret special relativity.  You really have to keep up.

Triply, quadruply.


Point is, C is only the speed limit at the Planck scales and within the scope of cosmological horizons, any larger or smaller and the speed of light changes because the size of matter changes, and so the speed of gravity has to conform as well. 


You see they don't tell you this, they give you everything you need to know to find out yourself. They say "we can't see past the particle horizon unless we use the CMB, we can't see past the CMB though." Then they say, "We can't see the inside of an atom, particles are in several places at once." They expect you to put two and two together. 

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Do I need my Illuminati membership card to gain access to these secrets? 

All you need is a brain.


How could you think reality just spontaneously materialized in an explosion? 


Or that matter just spontaneously emerges from "vacuum energy"?


Or that a quark is the smallest you can get!? No need to speculate as to what was beyond the horizon of the observable cosmic microwave background or what particles are made of! Incredible, you just stop at a certain point and say, "it just materialized"! Or, "it just stops at the horizon"! You forget everything else they told you, you don't think laterally. No need for any further extrapolation! 


People want to leave the thinking to you, they don't want to do all the thinking for you. Especially people who are actually scientifically literate. 

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On 5/4/2017 at 12:33 PM, exchemist said:

Yes they don't actually cancel out because if they did an object at that point would travel in a straight line. But from the perspective of a rotating frame of reference, in which there is centrifugal force rather than centripetal acceleration, there is zero net force at these points, i.e. the gravitation cancels the centrifugal force.  


There is a very nice contour diagram of the resulting potential energy surface, in the Wiki article I was referencing. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrangian_point#/media/File:Lagrange_points2.svg


This shows that at at L4 and 5 there is a potential energy minimum, so objects at these points tend to stay there, while at L1,2, and 3, there are maxima so objects at these points are unstable and any tiny deviation will send them away from that point. 


Neat, huh? 

Ive read centrifugal force is a fictitious force. It is inertial force.

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