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Has God Ever Wanted To Spam Harrison Ford's Twitter Account?

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Why are you concerned about my opinion of the question, about whether God can use the internet?


I asked because you joined the thread, and asked me what I wanted to discuss, therefore I assumed you wanted to discuss the topic. If that's not the case then never mind.

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But you are not sure that the Middle East should be ended because of Alicia Silverstone?


In regards to the question about God and the internet, what about the notion that all people have the power to discuss God spamming the internet at any time; so instead of when reality is meant to be capitalist economics, or military operations, or just society and government in general, people decide to discuss God spamming Harrison Ford's twitter account.


It just strikes me as a very pertinent idea: that all people have the freedom to discuss philosophy "whenever" they're meant to be working, or behaving as a soldier, or as a politician.

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